I don't really know why, but I decided to register a new account on kiddonet.com >.<
I remember when I was a kid my user name was camel something, but I can't seem to remember it.
If you would like to see my kiddonet homepage, go here.
At the moment, there isn't much to it =D

[Anime][Manga][Novels] Mushi-uta

The Mushi-uta anime is bassed off of a series of light novels by the same name penned by Kyouhei Iwai and illustrated by Ruroo. Currently there are 17 volumes of the light novel (this is bassed off of todays date, meaning that on today 17 volumes are released) and one season of the anime which spans all of 12 episodes. There is also a 2 volume manga that was released back in 2007. An announcement was made back in September of 2007 that a second season would be made of the anime; let's hope this is true because the first season ended on a sour note!!

[From Wikipedia] Mushi-Uta's story takes place in the near future. Ten years before the story's opening, strange insect-like creatures known as "Mushi" began appearing. The Mushi are able to consume peoples' dreams and thoughts in return for supernatural powers. At the end of episode one, protagonist Daisuke "Kakkō" Kusuriya encounters a young girl named Shiika Anmoto. The two, in time, become quite close. However, unbeknownst to Kakkō, Shiika is an escapee from a secret prison known as GARDEN where those possessed by the Mushi, known as the Mushitsuki, are held. GARDEN's military force, the Special Environmental Conservation Executive Office, dispatches its finest killer to track down Shiika. However, they are faced with resistance from the Mushibane resistance organisation, led by the secretive "Ladybird".

I don't really feel like posting a review for this right now because it's been over a year since I've watched the anime for Mushi-uta (and I reallllyyyyy want to read the ligth novels and the 2 volume manga). Eventually, once I've figured out how to get my hands on this anime, I will probably post a review. I will say please don't let my lack of a review keep you from watching the anime because what I remember from it wants me to make sure that I tell you to go watch the anime ASAP because I remember it being very well made.

[Life Post] R sqrd (posted mobily via PSP)

On the way to the craft store I started talking about movies being released in '09 as well as movie Rumors. Apparently a lot of what I said has left my lips before. This resulted in my new nickname 'R sqrd' aka 'randomly repeating' >:D


[Movie] TCCO Benjamin Button

Time for that review of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button that I :sort of: promised!
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
[original motion picture review]
Hearts: 5 out of 5 <3

Here's an FYI, this movie is an adaptation of a short story F.Scott Fitzgerald (of The Great Gatsby fame) penned. I did not know this going into Bratt Pitt's newest tear jerker (anyone see Meet Joe Black?), and I'm sure it would not have made a difference because either way, adaptation or not, this is an excellent movie that is touching as well as witty. This movie premiered on Christmas day, just in case you were wondering =D

The premise for this movie may sound very odd- a baby is born with the apperance, and smarts, of an old man but still posseses a child like innoccence that can't seemed to be matched. At an early age, Benjamin has his first drink and goes into a brothel only to impress the women he encounters. Later on he ends up as a seamen only to encounter first hand the devistation of war.

I found this movie to have as much spark as it did because of the aging process used on both Benjamin (Pitt) and his love interest Daisy (Blanchett). My family and I (minus one member) discussed the film afterwards. I ended up saying "This movie does long right. I felt like the movie was longer than 2 hours and 45 minuets, which in this case was brilliant. I felt like I had gone through the entire life of Benjamin, not just some small portions like other movies have made me feel." I would say that to anyone who asked me, because I'm usually not one for really long movies (I like the Lord of the Ring movies, but I don't plan on watching them a bunch more in my life but I can see myself watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button over and over again).

This movie lacks nothing; it has everything any smart movie goer would want from a movie: comedy, drama, romance, excellent character development, a brilliant sound track as well as effects. The effects are a highlight of this movie. They are hardly noticible (this is the main reason this movie was painfully good- Pitt was aged very slowly. I found myself a little jumpy while waiting for him to look younger) and extremely well done on both characters (and supporting/ other major character) parts. The story, I don't want to say much about it because it is amazing beyond words; one that needs to be experienced, not told about.

Go watch this movie RIGHT NOW >:D


[I-studios] Reviewwsss [#1]

Here's a list of the reviews I'll be part of tommorrow. I'm not sure when they'll be posted on the I-studio website, but keep checking here for them. I'll post a 'lil blog informing you when they (or even if only some of them) are up, so keep checking my blog also >:D
Hakushaku to Yousei (aka Earl and Fairy)
HTY is bassed on a series of light novels by the same name. The anime is released by Artland, who isn't known for the best anime released in Japan and state side. Be sure to click on the links for more info. The title gives away a little bit of what this series is about, which is that an earl seeks out a fairy (ok, fairy doctor) for help.
Michiko to Hatchin (aka Michiko & Hatchin)
Released by Manglobe as an orginal series (meaning it is not an adaptation of a manga, light novel nor video game/visual novel) about an escaped prisoner and the kid she believes is the child of her lover.
Kuroshitsuji (aka Black Butler)
Bassed on a manga series by the same name. Released by A1-Pictures. Follows the story of butler who serves the pre-teen of a noble family... but this butler has a secret.
1/2 Prince
Bitter Virgin
Boku ni Natta Watashi
Deadman Wonderland
Desire Climax *
Hoshi wa Utau (aka Twinkling Stars)
0_0 :means I've read the entire series as I post this blog entry.

Antipated Movies for 2009

If you haven't checked it out yet, head over to Fandango's most anticipated movies of 2009 page over here! New Moon is listed as #2 for women and #10 for men. Hmm... interesting.

Since I've pretty much become a movie nut over the past two months or so, I've decided to make my own list!! If you agree (or even dissagree) with my choices, let me know in the comments. I tend to respond to all of my comments no matter which site I'm on. This list is in a particular order BUT that order might change before the New Year =]

1. Harry Potter: The Half-Blood Prince [July 17]

I'm looking forward to this movie because of the awsome trailer that was released with Twilight. I recently saw the new Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince trailer on it's official site, but the one that premiered with Twilight is the one that has given this movie in the HP franchise it's #1 spot under the adaptation category despite many furious fans with how supposidly bad the first five adaptations have been. I beg to differ =D

2. New Moon [November 21]: New Moon recieves the second spot because of my status as a Twilighter. If you would like to read Twi-universe the way that I post it, head over here.

3. Watchmen [March 6]: I originally was going to give this movie the #1 spot but decided that I anticipate this movie a little less (and by little I mean a very miniscule amount!) than the first two listed. I recently found out this movie has recieved an R rating which will probably make this my first R rated movie viewing in a theater. I still plan to buy the comic... even though the omnibus editions are EXPENSIVE =0

Others I want to see that did not make top 5: Inkheart [1/23], Coraline [2/6], Race to Witch Mountain [3/13], Dragonball Evolution [4/8], X-men Origins: Wolverine [5/1], Star Trek [5/8], Angels and Demons [5/15], Terminator Salvation [5/22], Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen [6/26], Astro Boy [10/23], Avatar [12/8]

I'm going to pick three from these categories and that's about it. I'm too lazy at the moment to post 'why' paragraphs and I pretty much want to see every movie that is being released as long as it's not horror :D

If you really must know the release dates, go here.

Comedy: Adventureland, Paul Blart- Mall Cop, Bride Wars

Sci-fi/Fantasy: Underworld- Rise of the Lycans, Knowing, 2012


Reviews Coming Soon [#1]

New Movies: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Bedtime Stories, 7 Pounds
DVD Movies: Eagle Eye, Bruce Almighty, Pans Labrynth, Hangmans Curse, Legends of the Fall
Books: Skinned, Paper Towns, The Hunger Games, City of Bones, The Host
Anime: Popotan, Ef: A Tale of Melodies
Manga/Mangwha: Dorothy of Oz (1-4), Magical JxR (1), Special A (1&2), Paradise Kiss (1), and more
Video Games: Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 (PSP)
Movie: About a Boy, and others


[Movie] New HP:Half-blood Prince trailer =D

Ohhhh, now I was already excited for this movie (one of the main reasons I went to see Twilight my first time around... I just realized the HP #6 trailer did not play when I went to see Twilight today. Whattttt??), but this trailer just makes me even more excited.
Dang it! Why can't it be July 2009 already!? I'll have graduated from high school and New Moon will be 4-5 months away =D
Image Credits: WB Entertainment

[Movie] New Moon Bite [#10]

I'm going to be posting all of my New Moon Bite's over here but I will post notices on this blog and on my myspace page. Here's the link to New Moon Bite [#10]. Enjoy =p

[Movie] Twilight review (for my second viewing of the movie)

[original motion picture review]
Hearts: as an adaptation, this movie gets 3 but taking into consideration the use of what the director/crew had, this movie deserves 4.5 billion =]

If you would like to read the first review I posted for Twilight, head over here! While you're at my Myspace blog, feel free to add me because any New Moon movie news (or Twi-universe news) will also be posted over there!!

When I walked out of my second viewing of Twilight, I was greeted by cloudy (and windy/rainy) wether which allowed the mood from Twilight to linger on the way home =D

Disclaimer: The above picture does not belong to me. It belongs to Summit Entertainment and any partners realted to them.

Here are a few points you should know before diving into my review of the movie Twilight:

1] I am a Twi-hard. I belive I am the true kind of Twi-hard; not the love stricken Edward Cullen fan girl. *prepares to be hit* Let me explain! I am on Team Jacob *prepares to be thrown across the room*... and I believe that by being Team Jacob I have paid more attention to the books (and enjoyed/understood) than most Twi-hards. If you want my full explination, leave a comment and I'll post a blog entry about it, just for you (and anyone else who will read it). By the way, my favorite books in the series are (in this order) New Moon and Breaking Dawn. I'm surprized I even continued with the story considering how hard it was for me to get into the first book... yet I did. I'm completly glad that I read the first book and continued to read the series because of how amazing New Moon is and always will be. I'm not a Twi-hard who has to have everything Twilight related (but I do have both soundtracks for the movie and the movie companion which is amazing. go get all three of those iteams)... but I do dream of Twilight on occasion and the Twilight series is one of the series that has gotten me to start writting epic YA novels. That's about it for that little rant >.<

2] I went into the movie this time to pay attention to details. Like many before me, this movie was even better the second time around. I don't know why, it just is. And I'm glad because this means the movie has a very high rewatch value.

I know that most self proclaimed fans of Twilight have seen this movie about 40 times, but I have only seen it twice (today was my second time). This is just one of those movies that can't been seen a million and one times because it will get old (and I do know the reason that Twilight had made over $211,748,631 is because fans have gone to see it 40+ times); it will get old fast. Don't get me wrong! I'm not saying "don't go watch this movie a million times"! I'm saying that I would not go see it a million times because I want the movie to stay as magical as it is. I remember back in my childhood days I watched a movie called The Little Vampire about 6 times in one day. I still have no idea why I was able to do that... yet I did. In the end, the movie lost about 75% of it's emidiate magical value. I could probably watch it now and feel the magic, but back then I would not have. That's what I got from watching the movie too many times in one day. Then again, that's just how I am =D

The Meadow Scene [2/5 hearts]- First off, when Edward (Pattison) and Bella (Stewart) were walking towards the forest, I had a bad feeling in my gut. In the book, Edward and Bella take a hike to the meadow then Edward reveals his diamond like skin. In the movie, Bella all of a sudden starts walking towards the forest all the while being followed by Edward. The first time I saw the movie, I thought that maybe she said "follow me" but during my second viewing of the movie I saw no lip movement- so that theory was trashed. Considering that Edward could not read her mind, I pretty much tried to leave this scene alone... then the reveal came up. I have to agree with a lot of Twilighters who said that his shimmer looked more like persperation- if persperation looked like rainbows (because that's my interpritation of the 'shimmer'). There are, in fact, several parts of this scene I did like a lot. When Edward was trying to scare Bella, I gasped in amazement. Even though this wasn't exactly in the book, it fit really well in the movie and gave non readers of the book the feeling that the book gives of how Edward sees himself and how Bella does not see Edward as a killer. I also love how Edward's face looked throughout this scene because I could see the fear and anger Edward must have felt. As a reader of the book, I went in to my first viewing of the movie doubting that Pattison could pull off Edward's movements and facial expressions (I was too busy sqealing during my first viewing to really pay attention to his face), but he most definantly did and I commend him for that whole heartidly.

The Baseball Scene [5 million/5 hearts]- This is still my favorite scene from the movie. Not only was it well done, this is one of those scenes you have to see rather than read in the book. Alice's pitching was fantastic to watch, as well as Rosalie's batting and Edward's running. This is one part of the movie that has excellent pacing and music. Most of the movie seemed choppy, but this scene pretty much redeemed the movie while setting up for the last few scenes.

The Ballet/Fight Scene [4/5 Hearts]- I have to admit, this is my second favorite scene from the movie... despite the obvious wire works. This is another scene that has to be seen rather than read. This was also a scene where non readers of Twilight could get a feel for who Edward cullen is and how he thinks. I loved Bella's reaction to the venom that began pulsating through her blood (gets me excited for how she will react in the Breaking Dawn movie if it is ever made). Pacing in this scene was a little awkward and the wire works were way too obvious just like most scenes from the movie that involved wires. Those are the only reasons why this scene gets 4 instead of 5 hearts.

Overall, the Twilight adaptation was a nice breath of fresh air from many movies out there in our world. Not only was the movie heavy on natural scenes rather than sound stages, the music was placed really well and the movie has one of the best casts I've seen in a while. <3


[Other] Anime Remix Teaser

The video is already released (so don't be sending clips in, unless you want to be apart of the new video which is in production). This trailer is amazing in itself.... but still go watch all of Anime Remix while you cannnnnnnnn ~Akia

[Manga] Kingdom Hearts v.1-4

Kingdom Hearts
[Volumes 1-4 review]
Hearts: 5
I typically stray away from manga with a A (all ages) rating simply because there is almost never an original and captivating story. In Kingdom Hearts case, I decided to pick up the manga because of it's cheap price tag (8$ a volume) and the title. I love the video game series (my dad bought Kingdom Hearts II today and I found out Re:Chain of Memories was released in the States about a month ago) soooo I pretty much had in mind that the manga would be good, if not great.
Credits and Disclaimer(s):
All opinions expressed here are that of their individual owners and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Goggle Blogger nor that of their partners. The above image belongs to Tokyopop, an imprint of Mixx Entertainment. I claim no ownership to any images used in my blogs unless stated otherwise, nor do I claim all these opinions as my own; just the ones that have Akia and/or Akia Tomiyo beside them (unless I'm the only one reviewing because then all the opinions are mine unless stated otherwise).
-Plot Sumary-
When a strange storm hits his island home , 14-year-old Sora is separated from his friends and swept into a mysterious new land. There he meets Court Wizard Donald and Captain Goofy, who are on a mission to find their king, Mickey, and return him to his throne at Disney Castle. When the three learn of the Heartless, ominous creatures who feed off the darkness in the hearts of others, they join forces to recover Sora's friends, return the king to his rightful position and save the universe from the Heartless!Based on the super-popular world of Kingdom Hearts from Disney, here is one boy's epic journey of courage, trust, and unlocking the key to ones destiny! [thanks to amazon.com for the summary]
-The Visuals-
I was expecting this to be a serious manga, but the art decided to change my opinion. The game may have it's lung pounding moments, but the manga has a lot more of them... not that I mind (especially the special chapter in the last volume, number 4, with Winnie the Pooh and friends). Over all, the art is pretty simple and to the point; just like the game! This kind of style works really well for a manga of this type.
-The Story-
If you love the games like I do, then you'll realize how good of an adaptation this manga is. Not only does it follow the games story line, it adds some nice manga only moments and parodies some Disney stories we all have come to love. I highly reccomend this series for Kingdom Hearts fans and kids at heart.


[Life Post] An Akia Update [#7] <(0__0)> ((new banner!! woooooo))

Hey, lOOKIE!! It's a nice banner for all my [life post]'s!! Yayyy.
I made it soooo, no stealing >:D ((though I'm pretty sure you won't because, well, you're not me so if you are posting life posts as me... wow. You need to re-think your life))

Today I went to Barnes and Nobles to spend my Christ-mas money!! For the past three years, my parents have given my sisters and I each $200 to spend for Christ-mas instead of buying presents theirslefs (theirself's= my parents). This, sadly, is my last year to get to do something so over-the-top kind of amazing. I'm 18 now, and I'll be going to college starting in the fall of 2009 (if all goes as planned). I'm currently looking for a job and am on the Jenny Craig program. Yep, I AM going to be a Jenny Craig success story. Just wait and see =p

Here's what I bought =D

I bought Paper Towns [it's a young adult novel] becuase one of my friends/co-workers (he's a part of I-studios like I am. Which, by the way, I was not featured in the December issue of JA NE like the rest of the I-studios crew because I was *cough*grounded*cough* unable to send in my paragraph in time for the issue) named Domo reccomended it in this part of his 139th v-log. I don't know when I'll read it because I have a lot of books to read that I have from way back in summer 2007 all the way up to this month >.<

I purchased Skinned because Scott Westerfeld (the author behind the Uglies and Midnighters series' of young adult novels) pretty much reccomends it. Man, I'm buying a lot of YA novels due to reccomendations! I bought The Hunger Games yesterday because Stephenie Meyer (author of the Twilight series and The Host) reccomended it!! Ha ha. I'm a sucker for a good YA novel =D I'll be posting reviews of these books when I get the chance... I've been meaning to post my review of the entire Twilight saga... ahhhh.

Dorothy of OZ volumes 3 and 4 were purchased because my sister really wanted them, and I decided to get them. I bought volumes 1 and 2 back in October (I had read volume 1 last year) but have yet to get around to reading volume 2. In fact, I have several volumes of manga to catch up on (like Special A volume 2). I also bought Kitchen Princess 6-8 for my sister to read even though I love this series to death!! I'll for sure have read this series by the end of tommorrow.

The picture labled 'Code Geass vol. 2' is like that because I did not buy a Japanese copy of the manga. Lol. I bought the english translation released by Bandai Ent. I want the Nanali version, but I have yet to see that at a bookstore, so I'll probably read it online. The other Code Geass book is the first one in the light novel series.

I choose to (finally) get volume 1 of The Wallflower because I've wanted it for a while and I could not find the anime at Best Buy!! I also bought volumes 1 and 2 of Kingdom Hearts II because my family does this secret santa thing. I wrote down that I wanted Fruits Basket volume 21 and Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories volume 1.... so, buying that was not an option >:D I recently finished the first manga series of Kingdom Hearts.

Here's the new banner (to go along with the new 'life post' minibanner):


[Life Post] An Akia Update [#6]

Have I ever mentioned on my blog that Svetlana Chmakova is one of the best manga-ka's who are not of Japanese or Korean birth? Another one of my favorite OEL (original english language) manga-ka's are Christ Lijewski- who is the artist behind RE:play. I drew the picture above as a piece of fan art for Chmakova's Nightschool which currently runs in the American manga magazine Yen+. For complete info on this pice of fanart and to see others like it as well as some more of my amazing art, be sure to visit my DeviantArt page.

MTV's Women of the Year

I would make an acceptance video buttt, there are two reasons I'm not going to. One, it's a little too late and two, my sister has the camera I use right now. Sooo, maybe I'll include a little piece about this exciting news in my new vlog which I had planned to film today after cleaning my room... I feel asleep, thusly have not finished cleaning my room. Sooo, I have to do that first and tommorrow is Christ-mas shopping so there will probably not be a new vlog untill monday.
For now, check these awsome acceptance videos:


[Life Post][Manga] An Akia Update [#5]

BakumanI remember the good 'ol days when Hikaru no Go was running in the American manga mangazine Shonen Jump (which to this day I still have a subscription of). I miss Hikaru no Go but I don't miss having chapters of Death Note to read... becuase, in my opinion, that series was not even close to being nearly as good as Hikaru no Go. You're probbaly wondering where I'm going with this. Well, both of these series and the one pictured above are all manga by Obata Takashi. He's also the manga-ka behind Blue Dragon-Ral Grado, Ayatsuri Sakon, Cyborg Jii-chan G, Hajime, Rampou, Rikijin Densetsu and the two one shots Hello Baby and Urooboe Uroboros. I have not read the one shots (though both are only 1 chapter long) but I have read a part of Blue Dragon- Ral Grado. I have to say, Bakuman is my favorite. Today I finished chapter 19! Woooo, I can't wait for the next chapter to be translated =D
An Akia Update
Sooooooo, my Anatomy grade is not a 75% but my dad said he is most likely going to give me a break for Christmas; meaning I'll most likely be able to use the computer at home which means A NEW VLOG! Wooooo...wooo..oo..ah. ^__^ It's been a while (almost two months) since I posted a vlog but this new one will probably be a mini-log because I have a lot of new manga butttt my room is a mess.... I don't like to show off a messy room >.< ((though, I have thought about it becuase people need to see how I really am. lol. Maybe I'll show a little bit of my messy room off))


[Movie] New Moon Bite [#9]

Variety confirms New Moon Release Date
Thanks to a tip from Twilight Source, who calls Variety "a very reliable source", any doubts that New Moon will be coming to a theater near you on 11/20/2008 have been erased.
(Older) Jacob Black Casting... no more Lautner?
Currently all is looking very grim when it comes to Taylor Lautner playing Jacob Black in New Moon. Several actors are up for consideration by Weitz, including 26-year old actor Michael Copon who is best known for his role in the movie Scorpion King 2. An MTV article puts it this way,"...actor Michael Copon is one of several actors Weitz is considering to play the new, larger Jacob Black." This could suggest that Lautner will still play the younger (or, less buff) Jacob Black, but when his over night transfermation to the new Jacob Black takes place that a different actor will take over the role.
Your dream New Moon Cast?
MTV's movie blog release an entry today allowing Twi-lighters to have their voices heard about who they want to be casted for New Moon.
Ben Barnes as Aro?
You probably know him for his role as Prince Caspian in the second Chronicles of Narnia movie... but could you seen him as the Italian vampire Aro? Who knows, because a lot of new people will be appearing in New Moon. Oh, all those vampires!!


[Movie] New Moon Bite [#8] Chris Weitz!?

1] Chris Weitz is now the official New Moon director according to Summit and Stephenie Meyer.
2] Taylor Lautner may not be returing to the screen as Jacob Black for New Moon. This is still a rumor, not yet confirmed by Meyer nor Summit Entertainment.
According to MTV, Michael Copon just may be replacing Lautner... or at least he's trying to.
Here are some old-ish articles from around the web that I think are relevent to the news posted above:
3] Peter Facinelli Excited to play Carlisle Cullen in New Moon [Link]
According to MTV, Peter Facinelli will be returning as Carlisle Cullen in the movie adaptation of New Moon. Or at least the articles title suggests he will keep the role of Mr. Cullen.
4] 'Twilight' Star Kellan Lutz Looks Forward To Emmett's 'New Moon' One-Liners
Again, according to MTV Kellan Lutz will be returning as the lovable Emmett Cullen for New Moon. As with Facinelli, I have yet to find any official confermation from Summit on the interwebs other than that Kristin Stewart and Robbert Pattison will return as their parts. *sigh*

[Life Post] An Akia Update [#4]

Oh. My. Golly. GEE!
I lost 2 POUNDS during my first week on the Jenny Craig program!!
AHHHH. *this is me virtually screaming*
You have no idea how happy that makes me!

Annd, to top this good news off, I read my email only to find this:

Most people who have read fan translations for this particular series probably know it as Genei Muso rather than Phantom Dream.


[Art] Winter Holiday Design Contest 2008 (results)

Ok, so my entry would have won if it was not for the art teacher that was trusted with puttin entries into an envelope to be sent out completly forgetting to put my amazing entry into the envelope (this is probably the closest to mad I've been in a while)!! Ahhhhhhhhhh *tears* ahhhhhhhhhhh. Oh well, maybe it just was not meant to be. Besides, the person who won is in my drawing class and he is an amazing (but self centered and secluded) artist. Hmm, he didn't even seem happy about it 0__0\

I'll post a picture of my would have been entry when my teacher finishes grading the cd designs and covers =D


[Life Post] An Akia Update [#3] *sigh*

So far, today has been one of those 'ok' kind- not bad, not good (not even close to one of my best days). BUT, I'm perefectly fine with 'ok' days because they allow me to appreciate good ones and be happy about not having a bad day.
Here's the deal. I'm on the Jenny Craig program now (if you don't know what it is, please feel free to ask me and I can either tell you or get you into contact with a Jenny center near you) so I have to pack my lunch and remember to take it to school. Well, by the time I was at the end of 3rd period I realized that I forgot my lunch (but during second I found out my Art teacher was not at school, so I wouldn't have been able to heat up my lunch anyways). I decided to call my consultant (who is my mom. lol) who I first asked if I could drive home and eat my lunch. I knew I had enough time to do so, but she told me it'd be best if I just had a salad from school... which, by the time I got to the cafeteria, they were out. Soooo, I decided to eat meat loaf with mashed potatoes, a roll and chocolate milk. When I get home, I'll have to write that down on my Jenny menu (which is made specifically so I'll be on a calorie diet that is measured for weight loss) in the area for when someone eats something not on the menu (unless it's whats called an unlimited free food). *sigh* my first real Jenny failer. I still have to eat my lunch when I get home (which is a salad and tortilla soup). Oh well, it's only my first week. This is day three. YOSH~!
Here's the other deal, I dropped my book in the toilet (don't worry! there was nothing...um... undesirable in the toilet) only to realize after it was close to being completly soaked! Vampire Academy. I picked it up instead of Skinned because I wanted the Twilight Movie Companion but if I got Skinned I wouldn't have been able to. I'll probably be reading The Host before finishing this book. Fun, fun! I love sci-fi books.

[Movie] New Moon Bite [#7] November 20, 2009!?

Entertainment Weekly release an online article that expressed Summit setting a release date for New Moon to be on November 20. 2009. Also the article mentions that Taylor Lautner may be replaced by someone else to play Jacob because he has too much of a 'baby face'. If you would like to read the article, head over here.
Also, several places on the Twi-net (hehe, thats a new term I want to use when refering to almost any Twilight Saga fan site and official movie sites) have posts about Cathrine Harwicke not choosing to quit but being fired due to her perfectionist attitude. Reelz Channel's website also went on to say that Sterwart and Patison are not happy about this either. They would prefer a movie that takes time rather than one that is rushed... yet Summit has stated that they want to film the movies while the actors are still young and Twilighters are still blood thirsty.
As far as director news goes, Chris Weitz (the director for The Golden Compass) has been offered the job. No news on if he's accepted.


[Manga] D.N.Angel is BACK

I'm aware that it has been awhile since Sugisaki-sensei picked back up the D.N.Angel manga... but I was trying my best to patiently wait for volume 12 to come out State Side BUT I lost all of my patience (like I did with the last 3 volumes of Fruits Basket) only to start reading the new chapters two days ago. So far, the story is as abstract as ever and I'm really glad that it is. I'm not really going to review the chapters for a while; probably not until they come out in the States so for now, I'm just going to post how excited I am to finally get to see KRAD in the MANGA VERSION. *melts* I'm a huge, and I mean hugeeee-mungus, fan of Satoshi Hiwatari (Hikari), so seeing his 'angel form' really made me squeal (though, to be honest, I skipped way ahead to kind of see what the most recent chapter -which was at the time, yesterday, volume 14 chapter 4: Stage 3. volume 23).
I'm not complaining or anything, but it seems that Sugisaki-sensei has changed the art style of D.N.Angel a bit. I'm not completly sure if I like the change, but Takaya-sensei (the manga-ka behind Fruits Basket) did it too. In Sugisaki-sensei's case, the new style is just simpler where as with Takaya-sensei her style was simplified and made more complicated.... but you'd have to be a manga-ka yourself to realize this. Ha ha.
Original D.N.Angel:
New D.N.Angel

Credits and Disclaimer(s): All opinions expressed here are that of their individual owners and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Goggle Blogger nor that of their partners. All images featured in this blog entry are copyrighted to Yukiru Sugisaki. I claim no ownership to any images used in my blogs unless stated otherwise, nor do I claim all these opinions as my own; just the ones that have Akia and/or Akia Tomiyo beside them (unless I'm the only one reviewing because then all the opinions are mine unless stated otherwise).


[Movie] New Moon Bite [#6] NM Director...


Los Angeles, CA, December 7, 2008 – Summit Entertainment and director Catherine Hardwicke jointly announced today that the filmmaker will not be directing the next installment in the newly minted TWILIGHT film franchise. Summit’s targeted end of 2009 or early 2010 release of the film, NEW MOON, does not work with Ms. Hardwicke’s required prep time to bring her vision of the film to the big screen. Thus as has been done before with many successful film franchises, the studio will employ a new director for NEW MOON.

“I am sorry that due to timing I will not have the opportunity to direct NEW MOON,” said Hardwicke. “Directing TWILIGHT has been one of the great experiences of my life, and I am grateful to the fans for their passionate support of the film. I wish everyone at Summit the best with the sequel– it is a great story.”

“Catherine did an incredible job in helping us to launch the TWILIGHT franchise and we thank her for all of her efforts and we very much hope to work with her on future Summit projects,” said Erik Feig, Summit’s President of Production. “We as a studio have a mandate to bring the next installment in the franchise to the big screen in a timely fashion so that fans can get more of Edward, Bella and all of the characters that Stephenie Meyer has created. We are able to pursue an aggressive time frame as we have the luxury of only adapting the novels into screenplays as opposed to having to create a storyline from scratch.”

[Life Post] An Akia Update [#2]

Most of my grades are up to my parents standards. My parents like me to have at least a 75 in all my classes, so when any fall below that standard I know I'm grounded from the computer (which I am for about two weeks more if things go as planned). What this means is I can only use the computer at home for school related stuff.... so I type blogs at school and work on I-studios JA NE magazine during my free time at school. Right now, my Anatomy/Physiology grade is a 52. I went to my first day of tutoring for this class last thursday and I seem to know a good amount of what I need to for my next major Anatomy/Physiology test. So, there's huge hope on that front! As far as other classes are concerned, I have a least 78s in all of those. What I would realy like is to have 85s and above, but some of my classes are not only hard but almost too hard. Ok, I lie. Ha ha. I have an Economics presentation tommorrow on my version of the United States federal budget (this means I get to create a budget, but I have to explain why I choose to allocated the US's money like I choose to) and a current events presentation for my Dual Credit Government class tommorrow. As far as Art is concerned, I'm suppose to be working on a pastel self portrait of myself and another one of the person who sits in front of my... I'm not liking this assignment! I'm probably going to start my portrait over or quickly finish so I can start the other one I have to do. *sigh* In English, I just turned in an in class analysis last friday and am going to start a compare and contrast paper soon. I'm hoping my teacher lets me do it on Edward and Jacob from the Twilight because I know I can write a really good paper on that series. Not much is being done in Pre-cal other than learning new ways to solve problems.


[Art] Winter Holiday 2008 Design Contest

*Takes a deep breath so she does not scream*
I get to enter the 'Winter Holiday 2008' CD design contest!!
I designed a CD cover, but my art teacher who can only pick ten CD covers as well as ten CD designs said that since my CD cover design had to much dead space ( this means too much of an area that is white or 'empty') that she felt it best not to enter it. I'm perfectly ok with that because even I felt like it contained too much dead space.
Theeennnn, I worked on my CD design all day (ok, most of the school day) only to finish it about 15 minuets before typing this blog entry. My teacher said she would enter, thusly sending me to personally give my entry to the teacher who was mailing the package with all the enteries. This is what really made the reality sink in! I've never entered a real design contest before (well, there was that time I sent in a few designs for the Eastwood Anime Club t-shirt... but that didn't even go through), so I'm really excited for this one. If I win, I will get $300 to order really nice art supplies. Do I hear that I'm getting some copic markers in the mail!?


[Life Post] An Akia Update [#1]

Since most of my online places (I don't know what to call all of them because three are social places and others are kind of but are called something different) have some sort of series that updates my readers on what I've been up to, I decided it was time for my Blogger to have an official updates on me series. On myspace this is called A 'leash Update, on youtube this is An Akia V-log and then Twitter is just plain 'ol updates.

And now on Blogger, this is called An Akia Update (which used to be the title I used for my myspace updates)! Um... so, these updates will basically be anything I want to tell my readers about. It could be that I had a nose bleed (which I did two or so days ago) or even that the book I'm reading sucks (which will hardly ever happen).

Here's a warning: the grammer in these updates will be atrotious! Ha ha =D

I don't have much to update you on for this post other than my grades are getting much better than they were. In my Economics class, I'm pretty good. All I really have to do is pay attention and do the reviews given my the teacher. In my art class, I get bored. Right now we're working on pastle portraits of ourselfs and another one of a class mate... this is the first assignment I did not want to do from the begining. In my Dual Credit Government class (Dual Credit means I can get college credit from the class if I recieve a 75 average for the year in that class) I have a 78. The teacher showed us our grades today and I have a test due tommorrow (its a take home that I'm going to finish once I'm done typing this update) as well as a current events assignment due monday. In Anatomy, I have to go to turtoring due to my failing grade that I recieved in my last 3 weeks progress report. Lunch is my second best subject. In Dual Credit English, I just finished a descriptive essay that is due tommorrow . In Pre-cal, I've revived my grade which was failing by one point to passing my nine. I don't have a 7th (last) period and two weeks after I get back from Christmas break I'll have no 1st nor 7th period. More time for me to work as editor for Itadakimasu Studios!! Yosh~!

[Blog Layout] New Banner! (and some news)

I decided it was time to make a banner that featured none other that the lovely me- Akia Tomiyo. So, I took a picture of me in my Halloween 2008 costume (I made my costume. I was a android... but people has to ask) and made a banner for my Blogger site. Here are the before and after pictures. I used the editing software on Photobucket:

Credits and Disclaimer(s): All opinions expressed here are that of their individual owners and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Goggle Blogger nor that of their partners. Both images are copyrighted to Akia Tomiyo. I claim no ownership to any images used in my blogs unless stated otherwise, nor do I claim all these opinions as my own; just the ones that have Akia and/or Akia Tomiyo beside them (unless I'm the only one reviewing because then all the opinions are mine unless stated otherwise).


[Novels] Teh Bookworm [#1]

I have a mini series on my youtube profile (arishosan) called 'Teh Bookworm' but due to school troubles, I have not been able to make videos so I decided to have a companion series in my blog. Here's what I'm currently reading: City of Bones, Harry Potter #1, Ironside, Midnighters #2, and I'm starting Vampire Academy =D

[Movie] New Moon Bite [#5] Twi-articles

Hello all you Twilighters aka 'Twi-hards' out there! There's no real news reguarding the New Moon movie, so I've decided to post links to some interesting Twilight related articles that surfaced over the past week or so:
'The 12 Days of Twilight' is an online series of videos, interviews and other Twilight goodies given by Teen Mag on a twelve day basis. Today (meaning, as I post it) 11 days are up! Be sure to click back tommorrow for day 12 =]
An MTV interview with the man who is signed on to play Carlisle Cullen for at least the two sequels that follow Twilight- New Moon and Eclipse. He talks about opening weekend for Twilight and a bit about New Moon.
Twilight Merch. (Hot Topic)
Currently Hot Topic has these Twilight iteams (and since they are currently the official carrier of Twilight movie merch, you should probably get them while Hot Topic still has them): Twilight Afraid Hoodie [and Tee], Twilight Alice Tee, Twilight Bad Guy Poster [Edward Cullen with 'What if I'm the Bad Guy?' quote], Twilight Bad Vamps Slim-fit T-shirt, Twilight Bad Vamps Tee, and much more!
For other articles and news, be sure to visit Edward's Meadow and Twilight Source... or even the Twilight Lexicon or His Golden Eyes =D


[Movie] New Moon Bite [#4] Twilight Merch.

Sooo, Hot Topic has some really nice 'Twilight' movie merchandise!
I for one want these iteams (not nessecarily for Christmas, but some time soon):


[Movie] New Moon Bite [#3] NM Director

Thanks to Reelz Channel's webiste, I have been informed that Catherine Hardwicke may not be the director for New Moon. I feel this would be very sad considering the job she was able to do with such a low budget when it came to filming Twilight. Please pray that she gets the job! I really think she deserves it. For the full article, click here.


[Movie] New Moon Bite [#2] NM Filming!

According to Kristin Stewart, New Moon will begin official filming in Italy some time in March of 2009. On account of the first film having a six month period to finish (this was about 4-5 months before November 2008) New Moon will most likely be a December 2009 or early 2010 release.

EDIT: One of my good friends, who is not only a Twilight nut but is also a film nut, has informed me that the cast is already in pre-production which means production may start sooner than expected. The original planned release month for New Moon was Febuary, but Summit has annouced somewhere that they are trying to aim for a December 2009 release rather than a Febuary 2010 one.


[Movie] New Moon Bite [#1] Twilight Merch

On November 22, 2008 Summit Entertainment announced that they would officially be producing 'New Moon' for a release in late 2009. Due to this exciting news (and my being on Team Jacob) I've decided to create a new series for my Blogger called New Moon Bite which I will do my best to post news relating to the 'Twilight' saga but with a focus on the 'New Moon' movie. For tonights news I have two pieces: amazon.com has a top notch collectors edition of 'Twilight' and an mp3 dowload of 'Twilight: The Score'.


[Comparison Review] Kurozuka [#1]

Chapters 1-5
Episodes 1-3
Warning: This comparison review containes spoilers!! Oh... and this series is hentai (not hard core, but mature rated hentai none the less) and violent. The manga version is, but the anime version does not seem to be hentai... at least the first 3 episodes don't seem to be.
By the first three chapters of the manga and the first three episodes of the anime, I can already tell both are going to be very different. Not only are the plots slightly different, but the animation compared to the manga seem like two different character sets (though both seem to have the same characteristics). The anime has the look of maturity while the manga looks immature- like the characters have growing up to do (which is ironic since this manga is about imortals).
Credits and Disclaimer(s):
All opinions expressed here are that of their individual owners and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Goggle Blogger nor that of their partners. The above animated image belongs to Madhouse Studios [the one on the left]. The above manga image belongs to Baku Yumemakura and Shusheia [the one on the right]. I claim no ownership to any images used in my blogs unless stated otherwise, nor do I claim all these opinions as my own; just the ones that have Akia and/or Akia Tomiyo beside them (unless I'm the only one reviewing because then all the opinions are mine unless stated otherwise).
-Plot Summaries-
Anime [ANN]:
Kuro, a 12th-century man, flees into the mountains after losing to his brother, where he meets a strange, beautiful woman named Kuromitsu. Kuro falls in love with Kuromitsu but realizes she conceals a dark secret. She is unable to die and continues to live for thousands of years as Japan evolves into a future society.
Manga [MV]:
After escaping from a brother who had just ascended the throne, Yoshitsune, along with his servant, comes across a house in the middle of a desolate mountain. Oddly enough, only a young woman lives there, who seems to possess a very dark and ominous past.
As you can clearly read, the manga version has Kuro's brother as owner of the throne but the anime has his brother as a dead man. This alone made me a little hesitant to read the manga on account of the amaze level the anime has... but I decided I'd risk dissapointment in order to do a comparison review as I promised in my Kurozuka Ep.1-3 review.
-The Visuals-
If you've read my ep. 1-3 review for the anime version, then you know my only complaint about the visuals was the stick like legs... which the manga does not have! I practially knocked over my chair in excitment while reading the first few chapters of the manga. Other than that, the manga has a more immature look (the characters look more like teenagers) then the anime (which the characters look adult. Especially the lead lady Kuromitsu).
Within the first volume of Kurozuka (chapters 1-5), there are events that did not happen in the first three episodes of the anime (some of which probably never will) and others that happened differently. Both the anime and manga seem to have different time lines. The manga reveals a lot more information than the anime. Because of this, the anime seems to have info it wants where as the manga seems to have too much or an abundance of extra info.
Some key differences/similarities between the anime and manga:
1) Chapter 1 of the manga starts out the story by revealing that Kuro's brother has taken the thrown and is out for Kuro's head where as the first episode of the anime begins by showing Kuro and his right hand man being chased by mesterious demon human like figures.
2) Kuromitsu's house looks the same in the manga and anime... but Kuromitsu herself looks like a teenager in the manga yet looks about ten years older in the anime.
3) In both the anime and manga, Kuro's right hand man decides as a way to protect his master to prentend to be Kuro. Kuromitsu realizes this and tells Kuro he has an auro of nobility.
4) After being asked if the two can stay, Kuromitsu makes one request-do not go into the room in the back of my house. She says this in the anime and manga.
5) When another man appears at Kuromitsu's place, he too is told not to look into the back room. In both the anime and manga, he looks only to see Kuro's moving head (in the anime, Kuromitsu kisses the head... but in the manga she is naked while sharpining a sword before telling Kuro she will kill that new man so that he can drink blood).
6) In the anime, Kuro has a 'dream' the depicts him as his rgith hand man... yet the manga has no dream of this sort. (there is a dream that Kuro beings to talk about in volume two, but I have yet to finish chapter 6)
7) Kuro gets turned into a vampire in the anime because he is harmed beyond repair, but in the manga he chooses eternity in order to be with Kuromitsu.
There are many, many other differences between the two. So many that the manga is a vastly different story than the anime... even more perverse. If you like a perverted take on the Kurozuka story, then read the manga (which has more detail and reveals past events in more detail than the anime- the way Kuromitsu was made into a vampire herself is revealed in more detail earlier on in the manga than the anime which only gives a glimpse of how she became a vampire). If you like a bloody version of Kurozuka that takes more time when it comes to revealing story elements, then watch the anime. If you want both versions, then I'd reccomend watching the anime first then reading the manga. Um... both are different yet they do follow the same premise. I have a feeling that I'll like both, but I'll love the anime.


[Fall 2008 Anime] Kurozuka 1-3

[Episodes 1-3 Review]
4/5 Hearts
It's not often that an anime of this magnitude comes around. Usually when one does, I'm very hesitent of the nature the anime will have. The last time I watched an anime that was not only violent, I was somewhat dissapointed (let's not get into that though because I'd be getting into a whole 'nother review... which would take space away from this Kurozuka review). Currently, I'm liking this anime. It has a lot of potential that 90% of the fall 2008 animes lack... or have too little of. In fact, I'd say by looking at the first 3 episodes that Kurozuka just may be in my top 3 list by the time it reaches 5 episodes.
Credits and Disclaimer(s):
All opinions expressed here are that of their individual owners and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Goggle Blogger nor that of their partners. The above image belongs to Madhouse Studios. I claim no ownership to any images used in my blogs unless stated otherwise, nor do I claim all these opinions as my own; just the ones that have Akia and/or Akia Tomiyo beside them (unless I'm the only one reviewing because then all the opinions are mine unless stated otherwise).
-Plot Summary-
Kuro, a 12th-century man, flees into the mountains after losing to his brother, where he meets a strange, beautiful woman named Kuromitsu. Kuro falls in love with Kuromitsu but realizes she conceals a dark secret. She is unable to die and continues to live for thousands of years as Japan evolves into a future society. [Anime News Network]
I read this summary of the manga on mangavolume: After escaping from a brother who had just ascended the throne, Yoshitsune, along with his servant, comes across a house in the middle of a desolate mountain. Oddly enough, only a young woman lives there, who seems to possess a very dark and ominous past.
As you can clearly read, the manga version has Kuro's brother as owner of the throne but the anime has his brother as a dead man. Soooo, I wonder how the fans of the manga feel about this? To answer my own question, I've decided to read the manga (which, I've been warned, it's pretty hentai-ish). Once I've read the chapters that the first three episodes are bassed of I plan to post a review comparing the two on my blog. Be on the lookout for that!
-The Music-
The opening music is a great way to start a series like this off. Unlike most of this seasons opening themes, this one makes no sense even though it's in English. This seems to add to Kurozuka almost as much as the Ef: A Tale of Melodies opening does! The ending theme on the other hand also adds rather than subtracts from the series on account of each episode tends to end on a 'I must watch the next episode' kind of note.
The background music is also really good. I can't say too much about it because I believe you'd have to watch the series to get the full feel for the music.
-The Visuals-
If you're looking for that typical shonen anime look, you might as well walk away from this anime now because you will not get what you are looking for... in fact, this anime can't be put into any one animation category. I have a few small complaints about the animation style, mostly due to the very lanky legs that look like sticks that can barely hold up a small slab of meat let alone a grown man. Actually, that's my only real complaint and the only reason this anime does not get a full five stars.


[Fall 2008 Anime] Chaos;HEAD 1&2

[episodes 1 and 2 review]
3.5/5 hearts -Akia Tomiyo
3 & 2/3 out of 5 stars-blazefreak
4/5 stars- Domo
Introduction (from Akia):
Welcome to yet another edition of 'Fall 2008 Anime'! This time around things will be done a little different on account of there are two special reviewers present to give second opinions! The person to my right calls himself blazfreak; he's part of a fansub group called AEN and is also part of Itadakimasu! Studios® (a group of which has a goal to 'enlighten the world of East Media '). To my left you'll see Domo, who I met via his youtube v-logs a year or so ago; he's also part of Itadakimasu! Stuidos®!
And guess what!? I too am a member of Itadakimasu! Studios®. If you click on this link you'll be redirected to the 'About' section of IS official site. The last time I checked, blazefreak and Domo were listed as promotional agents where as I'm listed as the assistant editor under writting dept. Be sure to check out the other sections of the site, especially 'contact us' if you would like to join the team!
Credits and Disclaimer(s):
All opinions expressed here are that of their individual owners and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Goggle Blogger nor that of their partners. The above image belongs to Nitorplus, The 6pb, and Madhouse. I claim no ownership to any images used in my blogs unless stated otherwise, nor do I claim all these opinions as my own; just the ones that have Akia and/or Akia Tomiyo beside them (unless I'm the only one reviewing because then all the opinions are mine unless stated otherwise).
This editon of 'Fall 2008 Anime' would not have been possible without the program Skpe! If you have Skype and would like to add me (Akia Tomiyo) then go ahead -> snuggumsuggums. Skype is a free instant messenger service that allows you to call landlines via your computer for free and mobile lines for a small fee. It also has video chat, games and other nice features. No wonder Itadakimasu! Stuidos® uses it to hold their twice weekly meetings.
-Intitial Impressions-
Akia: Initially, this anime was one of those I decided to watch solely based on the type of anime it is. By now, most of my readers should know that visual novel based anime tend to be really good (at least in my opinion) but ones that have a horror aspect tend to turn me off... yet the preview for this anime made me want to check it out. Now, I find myself anxious for the new episodes to finally be fansubbed. The anime itself isn't that amazing, but the story seems to be going somewhere and the hikkamori theme always seems to make for a interesting plot!
Blazefreak: I was bored at first until he [he= Takumi Nishijō the main character of Chaos;HEAD] started chatting to the commander guy and [I] was like, "woah thats trippy!" [I] was [also] confused about his hallucinations about the Naime girl.
Domo: It's a violent pshychological journey through the hikkikomori thought and how they live day to day and the hallucinations varied inside. Welcome to the NHK is a great parallel.
-The Music-
Akia: I've said this in my Fate/Stay Night anime review, visual novel based anime always seem to have the best music! The only difference with this anime is that the ending theme has yet to make sense within the first two episodes... I agree with what blazefreak had to say about the ending theme. As far as the english part goes, I'm used to Japanese singers sounding like that when singing in english. When it comes to background music, I find that the music itself really helps to set the moods the pieces need to set. I absolutley love the opening theme!!
Blazefreak: I'm ok with the opening, but the ending music just doesn't seem to go with the anime. It's like "I was watching Chaos;HEAD and this is the ending theme!?" The beat to it is nice though [the opening and ending themes], but the singer's english is questionable. The background music makes it more of a horror then psychological... and the calm melody parts make it seem more of an eroge.
Domo: The opening is pretty good and gives a great precursor to the anime itself and what's to come. I like the background music, it gives that horrfic edge to the anime. The ending theme is a bit awkward though.
-The Visuals-
Akia: The character designs do what they are made to do- get the attention of 'otaku' and 'akiba'; anime fans who love cute (aka 'moe') girls. On that front, I'm not too impressed. I usually love the character designs in this genre of anime... yet this time around I deducted hearts because the character designs make me want to watch something else.... yet the character designs have a crispness not all anime have. Then there's the background art and opening/ ending visuals! Despite my love/hate relationship with the ending theme for Chaos;HEAD, I absolutely love the visuals in the ending video. So far, the art is crisp but on the side of average.
Blazefreak: The animation is smooth, though I have seen better from Madhouse. The caligraphy has pixels in it (which is quite unnoticeable but still there). Character proportions seem right except the guys hair changes around.
Domo: I think its fairly well done; but the character designs and animation style is not unique when comparing to other anime released from Madhouse Studios.
-The Story (so far)-
Akia: When compared to other anime of this type, the story isn't too original. I'm biased due to my love of visual novel bassed anime yet I want to judge this one with all my might! It may be pretty, and the story may be captiviating but parts of the story still make little to no sense (I know it's a mystery and horror anime, so I can't fully judge the story just by two episodes)... making giving this a full 5 hearts impossible. I have to see where the strings will be tied! I'll be watching this one to the end... even if I have to suffer through every bloody moment. Here's to being creep out and fan girling every time the main character is acting stupid.
Blazefreak: Trippy. The fact that its only 2 episodes so far, there are a lot of things to be explained.
Domo: [Domo has yet to decide on a 'The Story (so far)' opinion... so untill later this will be left blank]


[Life Post] Sizzling Magnets >:]

I love these magnets (the video is me playing with them which I couldn't stop doing yesterday). My sister originally said I was acting like a kid because I wanted a toy for people ages 5+, but people in high school were brining them to school last year! I'm slightly behind in the times... but when it comes to manga and anime I'm right on track with the Japanese english subtitled releases by fans =D


[Anime] I'm excited....

It seems since Geneon is no longer with us as an American market (actually, true american ota's have known this for a while) and FUNimation seems to be getting all the good anime lately! So, I'm excited to post this little list of FUNimation anime I'm excited for =0
The date (or year) is the current set release date! =D
Claymore [10/14/2008]
D.Gray-man [2009]
Darker than Black [11/25/2008]
Ghost Hunt [Ep. 1-13 set already out]
Heroic Age [spring 2009]
Kaze no Stigma [2009]
Kenichi [March 2009]
Ourian High School Host Club
Romeo x Juliet

[Life Post] Their names Change 0___0

I vaguely remember the good ol days when I was a child who cried for her dead giga pet. There was this one I had that strapped onto my wrist; it was a dinosaur! It lasted me two whole months before the battery, not the gigapet itself, died! I cried a lot (at least, my dad says I did). I also remember one day walking around the block only to see a gigapet of the same kind laying on the road broken! Being the stupid lover of gigapets I was, I picked it up only to end up crying again because it was cracked.
for my 18th birthday this year I decided to get the best of the nest of recent gigapets- the 'Tamagotchi Connection' version 5! This time around, you get a set of three little creatures to take care of. As of posting this, mine have already grown in size two times. I don't ever remember them being made to grow so fast! It's kind of scary. And to boot (though I dislike this part), their names change when the grow up =[ Man, and I really like'd my 'daughter' having the name Sakura-ichi!!

[YA Novels/ Manga] What I'm reading... [#1]

Ok, to be honest I haven't sat down for hours on end to read a book in one or two days like I used to! Being a senior really keeps people busy. I'm a tad bit on the 'busier' side than most seniors for more than one reason: volenteer work at my church (on wedsndays I help with 3 and 4 year olds in a program called AWANAs and on thursdays I welcome people at my youth group because I'm on the welcoming comittee), dual credit classes and being an anime/manga nerd =D Ha ha, being an anime/manga nerd is a lifestyle that people have to have a bunch of time set aside for! I honestly spend at least 4-5 hours watching anime, reading manga or playing some sort of anime/manga rleated game a day (unless it's wedsnday because by the time I get home from school I have about an hour to eat and get ready to go).
When I'm not being a nerd, I'm usually reading a book. Recently, I've read some more of the book called City of Bones. I really like the book, but life keeps getting in my way of reading it! Right now on top of my usual busy schedule I have SAT Academy on saturdays untill I take the SAT on November 1, 2008. Ok, the truth is after reading Breaking Dawn (the 4th and final Twilight book) nothing seems to catch and keep my interest fro very long. Actually, there's this one book at my high school's library called Beige that looks really good... but I promised myself to read the bazillion and one books I have right now that I've bought over summer 'till now! Actually.... these books I have (some of them) date back to the four or so months before summer of 2008 started! There's even one my dad bought for me two summers ago. GAH! What's happened to me!? I used to buy a book and read untill I finished (or had to go to the bathroom, sleep, eat, school, ect). *sigh*
I'm pretty sure my list is imcomplete because I can't remember all the YA, adult and light novels I currently have to read that I bought. There's even more when I add in the one I borrowed and all the Star Wars books I have to read that my dad owns (he has 99% of the ones out). As far as the manga is concerned.... the list just has the bound ones I have not the manga on my external hardrive =[ Wowzers.........
Books/ Light Novels:
City of Bones
Pendragon: The Pilgrims of Rayne
Pendragon: Raven Rise
Midnighters: Touching Darkness
Midnighters: Blue Noon
Med Center: Virus and Flood
Missing: Letter of Misfourtune
The Host
Ballad of a Shinigami #2
Amazing Agent Luna v.1-3 omnibus
Stellvia v.2
Gentlemen's Alliance Cross v.1
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Code Geass v.1
Kitchen Princess v.5
Dragon Drive v.9
Fall in Love like a Comic v.2
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[Anime] I'm currently (re)watching... [#1]

Paradise Kiss
[12 Episodes]

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I'm the type who adores short anime because they get to the point without adding in much useless 'fluff'... yet with Paradise Kiss I really wish there was more episodes because the ending wasn't very satisfying! I'm not saying that the anime was bad or anything like that, it's just the anime ended on somewhat of a bad note. *sigh* I can't really describe to you what I'm getting at but I can tell you this anime is a prime example of what short animes should be like (just ignore the stupid last episode so you can make your own ending). It's such a good example, I'm always finding new details within it when I'm re-watching it like I am now. I highly reccomend this anime to several types of people, but if you're the typical otaku who does not like the odd nor different anime, Paradise Kiss is one you should stay away from. I love odd anime. Something about anime that doesn't follow the norm -that takes thought- is appealing to me more so than the typical otaku drawing anime (though, I happen to like those anime too).

H20: Footprints in the Sand
[12 Episodes]
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In all honesty, I have yet to find what is suppose to be good about this anime (I've only watched episodes 1-5)! I downloaded all 12 episodes because of the type of anime this is- visual novel bassed. I've had excellent luck with anime of this type because all the ones I've seen are some of the best anime I've seen to this day (Air, Kanon, Clannad, Ef: A Tale of Melodies), yet H20 has yet to prove itself! ... I'll watch all of it, but as of now I'm pretty sure I'm bound for dissapointed or to be completly blown away.
Doujin Work
[12 Episodes]
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While watching this last year (or has it been 2 years since it came out in japan?), I found myself lauhging all the dang time! This anime is by far the most comedic I've seen to date. None of the fall 2008 anime have proven to be as funny as this! I'll be posting a review after I finish rewatching it, but please don't wait untill then to go watch it =D

Tommorrow (or pretty soon) I'll be starting....
Solty Rei!
[26 Episodes]

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[Life Post] Happy #18

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Come tommorrow (10/13/2008), I'll be 18 years old... I really don't feel like it's time for me to even be that old! It seems like I just turned 17 a few months ago. When they say being in high school is fast, they are understating that fact. Oh well, I'll be 'legal' tommorrow! Um... though things probably won't change untill the summer. Being a senior is nice. I don't have to worry about standardized tests and I have the SAT early on so I don't have to worry about it. All I'll really have to take care of are scholorships, financial aid, applications and getting a job. Ok, that is a lot of stuff to do. Now on to what I bought with my b-day money today because I'm celebrating my b-day today instead of tommorrow since I have school tommorrow.

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The first store I went to was Target. My great aunt always gives me a gift card for Target on any holiday and on my birthday. I ended up buying a 'Tamagatchi Connection' giga-pet. If you don't know what a giga-pet is and you were born before 1995.... go look it up. I then went to Best Buy to buy some anime. At first, I was going to buy the first part (which containes the first 8 episodes) of Toward the Terra... then I remembered I had previously seen those 8 episodes thusly deciding to wait untill the was a complete collection or season one collection released. Instead I bought the complete collection for Solty Rei. I wanted this anime for a while now, so seeing a complete collection compelled me to buy it! I recently read a few reviews on it where people said the begining was cliche-ish but the end was amazing. So, I'm really looking forward to watching this anime. Review to be posted once watched =D

As far as manga and other stuff is conserned, my collection grows significantly during my birthday month and in December. I'm not complaining... I'm very close to having no room left on my bookshelfs! Actually, I already have no room when I put my books in normally... *sigh* I'll show you a video soon (maybe I'll make it this weekend) of my room so you can see what I mean by that! for now, you'll just have to make do with knowing the fact that I am pretty much out of normal room. Ha ha =D

The store I went to (Barnes and Nobles) was having a buy 2 get 1 free for a pretty good selection of books. To my surprize, Dorothy of Oz had volumes 1 and 2 in that pile, I picked them and Wild Ones volume 1. I was going to get Magical JxR but... I couldn't find volume two which made me sad somehow. I decided to get Dragon Drive volume 9, Fall in Love Like a Comic volume 2 and Kitchen Princess volume 5 along with the new issue of Yen+ that was released on newstands this month. In the end, I was happy with my choice of manga because most of them were ones I've been waiting to get.

The other stuff I purchased were 2 bottles of Ramune, a pack of strawberry Hi-chew, some Tic-Tacs, a Tomagatchi Conection family edition and a can of that candy from Grave of the Fireflies <3

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[Anime Review] REC 1-12

[12 episode review]
Hearts: 4.5/5
I've seen two anime that have the same 12 minuet format as this one- Doujin Work and Potemayo; neither have anything on REC! I'm a sucker for romance. My heart melts when a chracter falls in love even if it's a tracgic love (anyone see Air or Clannad The Movie) that can never work out or seems like it could never work out. REC is sort of that type of anime. You get the best of paradoy anime alongside the best of romance anime. I'm not too sure if this is bassed off a seinen manga, but only the first episode would suggest it is. Afterwards, the rest of the anime is nice and not really fan service filled! I smiled so much knowing I was watching something kawaii that did not have to be ecchi that was a comedy!
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-Plot Summary-
Fumihiko Matsumaru is an average salaryman with no girlfriend. He invited his colleague Miss Tanaka to a movie but was stood up. Right at the time he was about to toss tickets into a trash can, a cute girl appeared and asked him not to waste those two tickets. After movie and dinner, he escorted her home and found they live in the same neighborhood, yet unfortunately her apartment caught on fire hours later. Having nowhere else to stay, rookie seiyuu Aka Onda moved to Matsumaru's place, and the two had started a "more than friend but not yet lovers" relationship under the same roof while keeping this secret from their employers.
-The Music-
The music is the only reason I did not give REC 5 hearts. It's pretty average at best. Usually the opening and ending themes are good even if the music throughout an anime isn't. I don't really know why this anime lacked good music despite the rest of it being of excellent quality. I'm hoping that if a second season is ever made (I really wish there will be because the manga wasn't -I think it still isn't- finished when the anime was produced) that more attention will be given to the music which is usually my favorite part of an anime.
-The Visuals-
You know how comedy anime with girls look? You know how somewhat true to life anime looks? Hmm.... I can't really describe how REC looks, so I'll give you an image. I will say (er... post) that the visual styling of this anime is really pretty considering that this anime is about two years old now! It has that somewhat timeless style that lovers of anime and ones who aren't are attatched to. At least I know I am attatched!

Trailer [PV]


-The Story-

Despite REC having a very familiar story line (boy meets girl who has some extremely high dream ends up letting her live at his house, but has troubles thusly causing her to move out then later move back in), the way said story is told gives a nice gush of something like new. I found myself attatched to all the characters, even the undesierables! This anime gets it's 4.5 because of the fresh story that isn't dragged out.