[Anime of the Week] (winter season special) (1/3/10-1/9/10)

Instead of featuring an anime this week, I'm featuring a list of upcoming anime that look very promising. You may see some of these as future features!

December 3rd, 2009:
Denpa teki na Kanojo [original series]
December 18th, 2009:
Kanokon Manatsu no Daishanikusai [manga adaptation/ sequel/ OAV]
December 21st, 2009:
Hipira Kun [manga adaptation]
January 4th, 2010:
Chu Bra [manga adaptation]
Masuda Kousuke Gekijou Gag Manga Biyori [manga adaptation/ sequel]
So Ra No Wo To [original series]
January 5th, 2010:
Ladies vs. Butlers [light novel adaptation]
January 6th, 2010:
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu [light novel adaptation]
Omamori Himari [manga adaptation]
January 7th, 2010:
Dance in the Vampire Bund [manga adaptation]
Hidamari Sketch×☆☆☆ (Hoshimittsu) [manga adaptation/ sequel]
January 9th, 2010:
Kaito Reinya [manga adaptation]
Seikon no Qwaser [manga adaptation]
January 10th, 2010:
Hanamaru Kindergarten [manga adaptation]
Unko-san Junjou-ha [sequel]
January 14th, 2010:
Nodame Cantabile Finale [manga adaptation/ sequel]
January 22nd, 2010:
Quiz Magic Academy [game adaptation/ OAV]
January 25th, 2010:
Katanagatari [light novel adaptation]
February 7th, 2010:
Heartcatch Precure [sequel]

and because I'm too nice to leave you without a complete series recommendation:


I'm only 2 episodes into the series, but I'm already liking it. I picked up this anime because I recently finished Ristorante Paradisio which left me wanting a restaurant type series and one that wasn't all shojo-y type romance. Bartender is an 11 episode series based on an anime of the same name. It tells the story of a bartender who is known as the "Cup of God".