[Manga] D.N.Angel is BACK

I'm aware that it has been awhile since Sugisaki-sensei picked back up the D.N.Angel manga... but I was trying my best to patiently wait for volume 12 to come out State Side BUT I lost all of my patience (like I did with the last 3 volumes of Fruits Basket) only to start reading the new chapters two days ago. So far, the story is as abstract as ever and I'm really glad that it is. I'm not really going to review the chapters for a while; probably not until they come out in the States so for now, I'm just going to post how excited I am to finally get to see KRAD in the MANGA VERSION. *melts* I'm a huge, and I mean hugeeee-mungus, fan of Satoshi Hiwatari (Hikari), so seeing his 'angel form' really made me squeal (though, to be honest, I skipped way ahead to kind of see what the most recent chapter -which was at the time, yesterday, volume 14 chapter 4: Stage 3. volume 23).
I'm not complaining or anything, but it seems that Sugisaki-sensei has changed the art style of D.N.Angel a bit. I'm not completly sure if I like the change, but Takaya-sensei (the manga-ka behind Fruits Basket) did it too. In Sugisaki-sensei's case, the new style is just simpler where as with Takaya-sensei her style was simplified and made more complicated.... but you'd have to be a manga-ka yourself to realize this. Ha ha.
Original D.N.Angel:
New D.N.Angel

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