[Life Post] Happy #19

Guess who became 19 years old today?
It's not really hard to guess it's me you silly geese! ME, Akia the great (a lot of people know me as Alicia as well).

Usually I celebrate my birthday on the weekend before my actual birthday since my excuse was always "HEY MOM & DAD! I have school, so could I possibly get my birthday money on the weekend so I can enjoy my presents for an entire day?" ...but this excuse could no longer really work since that don't have full school days anymore :P My mom put the money on my card on sunday, but I didn't spend any until today because I was waiting to see if I got anymore in the mail from family members. My grandma (mom's side) sent me $20 and my aunt Glenda (mom's side) sent me $20 as well. My great aunt sent a card with a note saying she couldn't send me her usual Target card. That made me cry! My family is so neat like that.

I didn't get a cake from my mom today because we decided that since I was getting cake at my grow group that we'd wait until sunday to celebrate (as in go to lunch or dinner and have cake) both my birthday and hers (which is on the 20th). At grow group, we had some vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. At home, I've been getting a carrot or cheese cake for the pat like 5 years now. I don't think people see carrot cake as birthday worthy :D

A friend from my drawing class got me issue one of a local manga magazine called Gaiga. I'm really excited to finish reading it 'cause there's something about reading a manga that is not published by some big name company. This was bought at a shop called HappiRobot which is a shop that also functions as an otaku hangout. It's a great place to get used manga/manwha if you live (or happen to be driving through) in El Paso. I bought the first 3 volumes of a manwha called Zero The Begining of the Coffin and volumes 3&4 of Rave Master. The owner Heather gave me %10 off for my birthday! I was really happy about that even though the manga I was buying was used. =D

I also bought the first Bran Hambric book at Barnes and Nobles. I originally went to the bookstore to get Catching Fire but remembered I was suppose to buy Bran Hambric first. Haha. My book collection keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.... and my actual reading of them keeps getting smaller.

[Fall 2009 Anime] Initial Impressions [part 3]

Impressions: So, people with an eyepatch fetish will probably like this anime. It kind of has that Chaos;HEAD feel, so I'm fairly happy with this episode. I didn't really pay attention to what was going on sooooo I can't really describe what I liked.
Gonna Continue Watching: Yes

Impressions: I didn't get why this anime had 'blacksmith' in the title untill this happened (see picture below). Haha.
Gonna Continue Watching: Of course

Impressions: I'm not one for yuri, and so far this anime only hints at that direction. My excuse for being ok with watching it is that this blue haired girl is really a guy. I've figured out that the guy ends up as a Kampfer because of borrowing this plushie. The plushies in this series are the ones who 'guide' the various Kampfers :) And I'm still wondering why someone would borrow a plushie.
Gonna Continue Watching: Sure, why not

Impressions: I laughed so hard. 'nuff said
Gonna Continue Watching: YES nya~~

Impressions: I noticed it follows the manga fairly well, so I already knew what was gonna happen but it was fun watching the expressions in the faces and seeing the manga in animated form. The episode was really short though >.>
Gonna Continue Watching: Yes

Even though I've already done initial impressions for 12 of the Fall 2009 series, I still have 9 to go. These 9 are Seitokai no Ichizon, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (a certain scientific railgun), Darker than BLACK: Ryusei no Gemini (Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor), Fairy Tale, Kuuchuu Buranko, Kitty Girl-and, and Winter Sonata.


Life is a Movie >:D

Life is a Movie Quiz
Okay, imagine your life is a movie - what songs would be in it? To find out, here's how it works:
[1] Open your library (iTunes, Media Player, iPod, etc).
[2] Put it on shuffle.
[3] Press play.
[4] For every question, type the song that's playing.
[5] When you go to a new question, press the next button.
[6] Don't lie (it's more interesting).

-Movie Trailer-
"Gimme More" by Britney Spears
Comment: Uhhhh..... certain parts would be cool for a trailer but this would not be my first choice as movie trailer music. I don't even know why it's still in my library.
Favorite Lyrics: (nothing in particular 'cause I don't much care for the song anyways)
-Opening Credits-
"Air for Terrance (DJ Discover Mashup)" version Above & Beyond vs Sunlodger
Comment: Trance is the perfect kind of music for opening credits~!! I'd totally be dancing or drawing epically just because of the music! YES!
Favorite Lyrics: "Air for life." (I can't tell what most of the song is saying.... the beats are really cool though)
-Waking Up- (this makes it sound like a movie like the Matrix)
"Outro" by Breaking Benjamin (the one from the Phobia album)
Comment: It fits so well!! OH MY GAWSH.
Favorite Lyrics: (it's just an instrumental piece)
-First Day of School- (now it sounds like one of those over the top teenager movies.... *sigh*)
"I Caught Myself" by Paramore (have this soung 'cause of the Twilight album)
Comment: Probably too early of a point to have such a song, so blame Windows Media Player. Unless this movie is a sequel THEN it's pretty fitting I guess. Woo hoo!
Favorite Lyrics: "You got it, you got it./ I hate this, I hate this./ I'm saying something that I should have never thought of you."
-First Love- (I get to fall in love!? THANK YOU)
"Drago or the Dragons" by Falling Up
Comment: Hmmm.... *listens to a bit of the song* I love the words.
Favorite Lyrics: "I am just alive, she's just a fake./ Now poison's running through the seams./ The numbers say it, flash up the screen./ And from crescendo cuts the knee"
-First Heartbreak-
"Tourtured Tangled Hearts" by Dixie Chicks
Comment: HA HA. A country song xD And I get to be the one breaking a heart 0.0
Favorite Lyrics: "After 31 days of sleepless nights she woke up to end it all./ She took her name right off his heart."
-Fight Song-
"My World" by 3 Doors Down
Comment: Not very epic! DANG.
Favorite Lyrics: "Seems that everytime that you catch up, you only fall behind./ This is not the life for me 'cause my world is bigger than your problems. And it's bigger than me."
"Tsuki no Shijima" (from the anime Tsubasa Chronicles)
[i cheated and did a second song which ended up being "Aikoi" from the same series. It's more upbeat and I'd be more likely to dance to it that the first one.]
Comment: I guess it's cute enough to be a prom song, but I probably wouldn't be at prom in the first place. LOL
Favorite Lyrics: (they're all Japanese sooooo no attempt. I'd probably spell most of the words wrong)
"When the Light" by Day of Fire
Comment: Interesting choice Windows Media Player!
Favorite Lyrics: "The highway smiles.../ When the light shines on my face, the world becomes so small./ When the light finds me this way, I know I'm not alone."
-Mental Breakdown- (I was trying to avoid one of these!)
"Forgiven" by Skillet
Comment: Hrm..... not exactly a mental breakdown song. Ok, maybe. I've only heard the song once, and that was just now for this. I just added it yesterday.
Favorite Lyrics: "This heart belongs to you alone./ Now I'm in a secret place."
-Driving- (I better not get a ticket)
"Circus" by Britney Spears
Comment: Why would I be watching a dang circus while sitting in the backseat if I'm suppose to be driving!?
Favorite Lyrics: "Better be ready..../ All eyes on me./ When I crack that whip, everyone is gonna trip./ Huh huh huh huh."
-Flashback- (to my kiddo days I bet! I probably lost a parent or something)
"Monster" by Skillet
Comment: OHMIGODNESS! This would be perfect for a Himitsu no Basho movie! OH GOSH. It so would 0_0 (note: Himitsu no Bash is one of the manga/novel series that my character Akia is a part of. The song is fitting because it's about these people who literally have a monster self)
Favorite Lyrics: "I feel it deep within. Underneath the skin./ The dark has just begun./ I, I, I feel like a monster!/ My secret side I keep..../ I keep it caged, but I can't control it./ Why can't someone come and save me from this?"
-Getting Back Together- (what!? did I decide he was really the one? *sigh*)
"Poker Face (Space Cowboy Remix)" originally by Lady Gaga
Comment: Seriously....... I like the original version better.
Favorite Lyrics: (not gonna bother)
-Losing Your Virginity- (FYI, I'd be married before this in real life >:[. shessh)
"Can't Live a Day (DJ Tiesto remix)" originally by Avalon
Comment: Well, it's actually quite fitting despite it being a song about not being able to live without God.
Favorite Lyrics: "I could live life alone and never feel the longing of my heart and the longings of my heart. The healing warmth of someone./ And never know the thrill of what could be./ I could live without many things./ but I couldn't face my life tommorrow without your hope in my heart..../ I know I can't live a day without you./ You're the heartbeat of all I do."
-Wedding- (AWWWW T^T I told myself I would...n't.... CRY AWWW T^T *sniffles*)
"Water" by Breaking Benjamin
Comment: Hmm... it doesn't really fit. It's more of a saving a life song than anything.
Favorite Lyrics: "The waters up to the knee./ All I want is what's best for you./ I won't ever let you drown."
-Birth of Child- (I shall name my child some epic anime name. I REALLY WILL. She'll be Missy Belldandy or something. Ok, not that epic of a name cause that amount of epicness will make all the other childrens uber jealous)
"You Were Mine" by Dixie Chicks
Comment: WHUT!? Did my child die!? >.> Wait... my husband leaves me!? IM SO SAD!
Favorite Lyrics: *Alicia is too busy crying to care*
-Final Battle- (I bet I'm fighting that hubby that let me >:( dang shessh!)
"Forget It" by Breaking Benjamin
Comment: Hrm.... HMMM. Maybe. It fits somewhat. Like a soggy puzzle piece.
Favorite Lyrics: "How can I believe, when this cloud hangs over me. You're the part of me I don't want to see./ Just fade away. Just let me stay..."
-Death Scene- (don't tell me I, or my child, or my ex-hubby or my ferrit dies T^T)
"Can't Sleep" by Above & Beyond
Comment: Oh dang....
Favorite Lyrics: "Singing to a dark through open eyes. While dreaming I see only you and me stuck between desire..../ There's nothing left for us to long for anymore./ I can't sleep. You're so far away from me."
-Funeral Song- (I've narrowed it down to my exhubby and my ferrit.... because Missy Belldandy is too awesome to die after only entering kindergarten)
"Cayagake! Girls" (from the K-ON! anime)
Comment: That's a really upbeat funeral song 0.0
Favorite Lyrics: (It's in Japanese)
-Bloopers- (WHAT!? the movie ends with a funeral T^T well... it was an upbeat funeral for some reason)
"Just Dance (DJ Crunk edit)" originally by Lady Gaga
Comment: The beat is fitting, and I guess the music is too.
Favorite Lyrics: (I don't care)