[The Daily Otaku][#1] (2/26/2010)

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Changing up my blog again :D rofl. I'm incorporating Daily Manga Typing into this overall otaku series of blog posts - not that all my blog posts are pretty much otaku blog posts :P IM AN OTAKU WHO JUST CANT SEEM TO HELP BEING ONE SO GET USED TO IT. on to the blog *dissipates into a puff of smoke and reappears back in front of a computer*

~Anime I've enjoyed Recently~

Chobits: I read the manga about 4 years ago, and it's really surprising I never watched the anime two nights and the night before ago considering it is an anime about humanoid robots- and that is my favorite kind of anime. The anime was pretty disappointing... and I find the manga was much more well done. I do understand how Chobits seems to be a favorite anime among a lot of anime friends I know... but it just can not compare to other anime having to deal with humanoid robots. Sorry Chobits (the anime version), you have failed me T^T
malice@DOLL: I watched this because of a review done by ON,V and because I had asked on my Twitter what anime has stood out for you lately and that was Brent's response. Also, it's an ova about humanoid robots (more specifically of the sex bot type). Overall, it was an interesting and creepy watch. I honestly just did not get the ending. It seemed like a cop out 'it was all a dream' type ending imho. *shrugs*
Key the Metal Idol: This is an anime I had been wanting to watch, but barely got around to doing so. I watched episodes 1-13 in one sitting because it was just so intriguing. There's just something about old-ish anime ovas that focus on humanoid robots that just end up being really good.
Vandread II: I watched all of Vandread I and about 3/4ths of 2 back in 2009, and the other day I watched like 3 more episodes of II simply because I needed something with an English dub to "watch" while working on some art.
E's Otherwise: Early on in high school I watched about 10 episodes of this series and never got around to finishing it so tonight I started this anime from the beginning.

~Manga I've recently Enjoyed~

We Were There vol.2: Hmm... well, all of a sudden the guy confesses to liking the girl. This is more of a mature shojo tbh, and it's kind of slow and the way the panels are confuse me at times but I bought 4 volumes so far in hopes that this would be good since it is the pretty famous Bokura ga Ita manga (as it is known as in Japan).
Phantom Dream vol.4: Of the 3 Takya series I own complete versions of, this one is my least favorite and the hardest one to follow. The first two volumes were fairly easy to read, but volume 3 and 4 threw me for a loop. The paneling and the story just kind of went all over the place. I do give Takya credit though, this is her first manga series other than a series of short stories. I have one more volume left to read in this series before I'm done.


Spring 2010 Anime PV (mini-version)

At the moment it's 1:37am and I don't really feel like posting a detailed preview blog, but I will in the next few days ^__^ for now, you can see some basic information and pictures for the spring anime here.

So excited to see that I have to hold back fan girl squeals when comes out:
Trigun: Badlands Rumble [movie] (April 24)

So want to watch:
Iron Man (spring 2010)
Rainbow (April)
Heroman (April)
Angel Beats (April)
Working!! (March 6)
Maid-sama! (April)
K-ON s.2 (April 6)

Plan to maybe watch:
Senko no Night Raid (April)
Arakawa Under the Bridge (April 4)
Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao (April)
B gata H kei (April)
Uragiri wa Boku no Mamae Shitteiru (April)
Mayoi Neko Overrun! (April)

Have no plans to watch:
Yojo-han Shinwa Taikei (April 22)
House of Five Leaves (April 15)
Giant Killing (April 4)


[Anime of the Week] (2/21-27/2010) Zaion ~i wish you were here~

# of Episodes: 4
Rating: Teen
Released: 2001
Synopsis: In the future, a meteor crashes into Earth and brings with it a virulent form of life. This virus is known as M34 and attacks humans, turning them into vicious monsters. Most of the human population is wiped out, thus government agencies are formed to fight the virus. One of the groups, NOA, inserts nanomachines into the bodies of its soldiers; these machines allow them to transform and fight off the infected. Unfortunately, the virus mutates and becomes too strong for NOA to handle. Now the fate of the world rests in the hands of 16-year-old girl with the power to defeat the virus.

[Daily Manga Typing][#2] (2/21/2010)

Added some more manga to my collection:
Black Bird 1-3
We Were There 4

Today (well, yesterday) at work I read the first two volumes of Black Bird... and it was pretty ok-ish. The manga itself is nothing out of the ordinary or special, and it is borderline josei/smut (which I've been addicted to lately >.>). In fact the manga is a lot like Love Monster... ok, I kind of lied but the themes are pretty much the same and the whole childhood friend thing and getting married is like the same! I can see myself buying Black Bird 'till the end because it's one of those shojos that won't let you stop reading until you finish it.

Today (the 21st) I started a manga called Are You Alice? which is based on both the Alice in Wonderland universe and a Japanese cd drama. So far I've read the first 3 chapters.

I'm also going back to reading a manga called Otaku no Musume-san which is about this otaku that finds out he has a daughter! Well, he ends up having to hide his otaku nature but ends up failing miserably. Currently on chapter 20

and I've found this manga called Say Hello to Black Jack that I really want to start reading. I also want to get back to reading Luck Stealer and Bakuman