[weeaboobies] Just had to...(3/27/2009vers)

So, I've been listening to this Japan-fan podcast called weeaboobies (the Yotsuba&! button is a link to the site)... and I saw some list on their site about having to be 4 of this list to be a weeaboob:

if you have more than four japanese/anime posters on your wall [check]
if you have an internet alias that ends with chan, kun, san, sama, senpai or sensei [check]
if you say “tadaima” when you arrive home [check- i do. just not all the time because my parents and sister (one of the two) gives me a look]
if you answer your phone by saying “moshi moshi” [check- isnt it spelled "mushi mushi"?] if you wear a kimono at any time. even as a joke.
if you have a shirt that says otaku. or anime fan.
if you own this button
or if your clothing has anime characters at all on them, or anime references [check- I even made a Kon/ chibi Uryu and chibi Renji shirt]
if you refer to your siblings as “nee-san/chan” or “nii-san/chan”
or your mom & dad as “oka-san” or “otou-san”
or your cat as “kawaii neko-chan”
or your friend as “kawaii neko-chan”
if you own a pair of cat ears of any kind [check]
if you use any japanese word in conversation (i.e. kawaii, baka, chinchin, hai, etc.) [check]
if you freak out at the sight of pocky [check]
if you suddenly craved a pocky stick since you saw it typed out [check]
if you actually HAVE a box of pocky at your side
if the only word you can read in japanese is “ai” because of gaara’s dumb symbol
if 90% of your music is japanese (even more weeaboo if it’s just anime music)
if you host an anime podcast [I will... VERY SOON. *cough*istudios link*cough]
if any of the following pictures make your panties wet (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11)
if you just saved any of those pictures
extra points - if you already have any of those pictures
if you say “believe it” more than once a week
if you eat your food with chopsticks ever (even ramen especially ramen)
if you’ve tried to learn japanese [check... plan to go back to it]
if you’ve spoken japanese frequently
if you’ve corrected someone’s pronunciation of a japanese word [check >.<]
if you’re getting mad that i haven’t capitalized “japan” or “japanese” at all
if you’ve been to an anime convention
if you own any naruto merchandise whatsoever [check- shirts]
or inuyasha, or bleach, or death note [check- bleach]
if you’ve made an AMV [check- more than one]
if you own a katana or a shinjuku (that’s japanese for shuriken, lolol) [check-maybe: does a homemade one count?]
if you type with any of the following faces: ^^ ^_^ *w* :3 T-T @o@ n_n UwU =^w^= [check]
if you’ve danced the caramelldansen in public before
if you haven’t yet, but are waiting for the perfect moment to dance it in public [check- at AWA15]
if you own a gaia account [check- 3]
if you think you’re lolita
if you cosplay at all. poorly or well. [check]
if 90% of your clothing was bought from hot topic
if you’ve taken 5+ pictures with you making a peace sign
if your myspace has even ONE japanese word on it [check- i think]
if you’ve ever fangirled over an anime character [check- gara and uryu]
if the only thing you read is manga and fanfiction
if you can think of something else to add to this list [check- you have no idea]

As you can see.... I over qualify in my opinion. Pretty soon (come september 2009) I can check off much more of these including the con one.

[Life Post] An Akia Update [#19]

For complete up to date-ness on what I'm doing, follow me on Twitter (I joined Twitter before it because a cult along the lines of Myspace and Facebook, so I'm awsome. Another reason for you to follow me. lol): twitter.com/akiachan
"UWAA! What has Akia been up to since spring break (even though her spring break ended last friday)!?"
Me: =.= Did you just say 'uwaa' becuase that is a very anime-ish way to begin a question. I approve *two thumbs up* I'll definantly tell you what I've been up to just becuase you asked in that awsome way! ...and because I'm surprized at how much went on this last week.
The most recent manga art I posted on my DA is this one! This is Akia, the character who I've developed the most in anything I've written or drawn. I'm not even remotly kidding because she's a character I originally developed half way through 8th grade which was 4 years ago 0_0

So, as you can probably tell by the begining of my blog, this past week was my first week back from my week long spring break (all you Soccoro dist. school peps who have 2 weeks and a day *evil glare*) which, if you read the previous Akia Update, was a very productive/ busy week for me... which never happen on a past spring break of mine. Well, to my surprize, it was 9wks testing week. Let me explaine what this "9wks testing" is to high school students who have no such system. My school, Eastwood, has every class give their students a major test at the end of a 9wk period- in the school year there are 4 of these periods. These tests, from freshmen year through jr, are on top of a major standardized test called TAKS that is required by Texas law to be given. Also in the jr year, my school pays for it's students to take the SAT. I happened to be lucky because this year they also payed for the seniors- meaning I got to take it twice for free. I've seen most of my 9wks testing grades; just not my Dual Credit Texas Polotics and Dual Credit English IV (I know which answers I got right and wrong, but have not seen a number grade). Overall, I like most of my 9wks test grades because I have been getting 75+ on most of my quizzes and tests (other than Art) so to see the 80s I've recieved was a sigh of relief. A huge sigh.


Ah, I-studios is like... my reason for living or at least a major part. =D
Currently, I've been given the task of editing and putting together the E-zine "JA NE" (japanese art, news and entertainment). My first issue, March 2009, is up on the site. Click on the above link to go to the I-studios homepage. There, you will see links to the various projects going on. I used to semi-run the Twitter account and update the blog, but Driger has told me he would take care of that along with Shadow in order for me to focus on improving JA NE. Also, I'll be part of the first podcast episode of an anime review show called "Here's Ogenki Desu-ka?". We (as in, Domo, Driger and I) will be recording on Monday March 30 2009 an episode where we give an in depth disscussion/review of the anime ToraDora and a small review of the first five episodes of Minami-ka Okaeri. Be sure to keep tabs on the site and follow the Twitter to know when this will be released. Also, I-studios is looking for new members! Send an email to itadakimasu21@gmail.com if you are interested in joining.

There are tons of other things that happened this week, like my quitting the Jenny Craig program and making the final descision to attend UTEP for a degree in Business while taking writting and art classes on the side, but I don't feel like going into detail so you'll just have to read this entire paragraph... if it can even be considerd a paragraph. Heheh. First, I did quit the Jenny program for two reasons: 1) I'm not losing weight and 2) in 2 months, my parents will not be paying for it anymore and I can't afford it while going to college. My dad finally finished filling out the FAFSA for me, and that's when I made my descision to attend UTEP for a business degree. In Art, I was painting a sun for an art auction that is to raise money for charity while working on an image for printmaking. The method my class is using is carving linoliumn tiles (bsaically, unfinished floor tiles). I'll most likely post a scan of the print on my DeviantArt page once I have one printed. Um... listed to the 15 ep of "Imprint" today (it's a Twilight podcast) and really enjoyed it. Hrm.... read like 5 pages of Ballad of a Shinigami #2, took The Host to one two days but didn't read any of it, and today I took City of Bones only to read two pages further than what I read about 5 months ago. I'm now going to end this blog and go read some more City of Bones.