[Life Post][Manga] An Akia Update [#5]

BakumanI remember the good 'ol days when Hikaru no Go was running in the American manga mangazine Shonen Jump (which to this day I still have a subscription of). I miss Hikaru no Go but I don't miss having chapters of Death Note to read... becuase, in my opinion, that series was not even close to being nearly as good as Hikaru no Go. You're probbaly wondering where I'm going with this. Well, both of these series and the one pictured above are all manga by Obata Takashi. He's also the manga-ka behind Blue Dragon-Ral Grado, Ayatsuri Sakon, Cyborg Jii-chan G, Hajime, Rampou, Rikijin Densetsu and the two one shots Hello Baby and Urooboe Uroboros. I have not read the one shots (though both are only 1 chapter long) but I have read a part of Blue Dragon- Ral Grado. I have to say, Bakuman is my favorite. Today I finished chapter 19! Woooo, I can't wait for the next chapter to be translated =D
An Akia Update
Sooooooo, my Anatomy grade is not a 75% but my dad said he is most likely going to give me a break for Christmas; meaning I'll most likely be able to use the computer at home which means A NEW VLOG! Wooooo...wooo..oo..ah. ^__^ It's been a while (almost two months) since I posted a vlog but this new one will probably be a mini-log because I have a lot of new manga butttt my room is a mess.... I don't like to show off a messy room >.< ((though, I have thought about it becuase people need to see how I really am. lol. Maybe I'll show a little bit of my messy room off))

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