[Movie] New Moon Bite [#7] November 20, 2009!?

Entertainment Weekly release an online article that expressed Summit setting a release date for New Moon to be on November 20. 2009. Also the article mentions that Taylor Lautner may be replaced by someone else to play Jacob because he has too much of a 'baby face'. If you would like to read the article, head over here.
Also, several places on the Twi-net (hehe, thats a new term I want to use when refering to almost any Twilight Saga fan site and official movie sites) have posts about Cathrine Harwicke not choosing to quit but being fired due to her perfectionist attitude. Reelz Channel's website also went on to say that Sterwart and Patison are not happy about this either. They would prefer a movie that takes time rather than one that is rushed... yet Summit has stated that they want to film the movies while the actors are still young and Twilighters are still blood thirsty.
As far as director news goes, Chris Weitz (the director for The Golden Compass) has been offered the job. No news on if he's accepted.

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