[AOW] [throwback] Dennou Coil


Sunday may be a few days away from Thursday but there haven't been any stand out anime on my list lately so I've decided to do a throw back post to an AOW I did way back in the day when I started up this little blog of mine- Dennou Coil. When I first started publishing this AOW series I simply gave some basic details about the anime but not my quick thoughts on it so I'll remedy that for Dennou Coil now. It's a great sci-fi series from back in 2007 when more anime were 20+ episodes rather than a quick 13. I think this can tell you a lot about the state of anime now. Most series are at most 13 episodes per season, except those that are ones such as a Shounen Jump adaptation or an ongoing series such as Detective Conan. This means a lot of anime ends on a cliff hanger where you are lucky to get another season because anime is released in such high numbers now to an audience that has a much smaller attention span that 8 years ago. Anyways, this anime is great which is partially due to it being made with one of the animations behind some Studio Ghibli films.

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