[Anime Review] Fate/Stay Night 1-24

Fate/Stay Night
[24 Episodes Review]
Hearts: 3.5/5
There really is something about animes based off of a visual novel games that really grip at your heart, yet this one just couldn't do that as well as Air TV, Clannad, Kanon and Ef: A Tale of Memories. Don't get this reviewer wrong! Fate/Stay Night was a good anime, just not as good as others of it's kind.
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-The Music-
I have yet to figure out why visual novel game bassed animes have the best music! This anime, despite being the one of the weakest of its kind, still has some of the best anime music out there. Not only is the music good for the anime, it's excellent as manga reading music. I highly reccomend getting the soundtrack for this anime if you ever get the chance.
-The Visuals-
Usually anime of this type have crisp animation, yet Fate/Stay Night wasn't as crisp as others that came before and even after it. When I watch an anime of this type, I expect it to have the best or some of the best visuals out there. When it comes to the animation, this anime lost a lot of points with me. It was pretty plain and average.
-The Story-
I gave this anime most of it's points due to the creative part of the story even though the concept used for the story is pretty old. Adding in epic heroes was brilliant. It's even better when you know the history of some of the characters (if you'd like to understand Saber a lot more -especially for the last few episodes- be sure to read the story 'Le Morte de Arthur' [the death of arthur]). I was able to understand the anime a whole lot more because I knew the history of the epic heroes the chracters were bassed off of. Even though this anime is a romance, not much romance is in the anime. In the end, I found the story to be lacking and repetitive. If you're looking for an anime of this type that is different or at least has enough difference to make it entertaining, this isn't it. I hear you're better off playing the ergo game rather than watching this anime.

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