[Manga] Kingdom Hearts v.1-4

Kingdom Hearts
[Volumes 1-4 review]
Hearts: 5
I typically stray away from manga with a A (all ages) rating simply because there is almost never an original and captivating story. In Kingdom Hearts case, I decided to pick up the manga because of it's cheap price tag (8$ a volume) and the title. I love the video game series (my dad bought Kingdom Hearts II today and I found out Re:Chain of Memories was released in the States about a month ago) soooo I pretty much had in mind that the manga would be good, if not great.
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-Plot Sumary-
When a strange storm hits his island home , 14-year-old Sora is separated from his friends and swept into a mysterious new land. There he meets Court Wizard Donald and Captain Goofy, who are on a mission to find their king, Mickey, and return him to his throne at Disney Castle. When the three learn of the Heartless, ominous creatures who feed off the darkness in the hearts of others, they join forces to recover Sora's friends, return the king to his rightful position and save the universe from the Heartless!Based on the super-popular world of Kingdom Hearts from Disney, here is one boy's epic journey of courage, trust, and unlocking the key to ones destiny! [thanks to amazon.com for the summary]
-The Visuals-
I was expecting this to be a serious manga, but the art decided to change my opinion. The game may have it's lung pounding moments, but the manga has a lot more of them... not that I mind (especially the special chapter in the last volume, number 4, with Winnie the Pooh and friends). Over all, the art is pretty simple and to the point; just like the game! This kind of style works really well for a manga of this type.
-The Story-
If you love the games like I do, then you'll realize how good of an adaptation this manga is. Not only does it follow the games story line, it adds some nice manga only moments and parodies some Disney stories we all have come to love. I highly reccomend this series for Kingdom Hearts fans and kids at heart.

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