[DOTW][Bonus!] Himitsu no Hanazono (September)

Each month I'll now be picking a Bonus drama (basically it gives me a 5th spot if needed) and this week I've decided to use the slot on a drama that the owner of a local anime/manga shop told me about ^^

# of ep: 11
A 28-year old female magazine editor who is tired of work and feels she doesn't have a life is assigned to be in charge of a very popular cartoonist with a most lovely name, Yuriko Hanazono. But as she goes to Hanazono's residence/office, she is met by four men who seem to be her assistants. Then it turns out those four men are brothers who form a team named Yuriko Hanazono by taking roles to create popular comics. In this heartwarming comedy, the exhausted editor may find out the key to be happy while she is being driven crazy by this unique gang of brothers.
--Fuji Creative


My 'Dream Kit's Gunpla List [ver 1] ((still adding to list))

My original dream kit was Gundam Unicorn Destroy Mode [HG] of which I got days after finding out there was a kit thanks to a local anime/manga/ Gunpla kit shop called Nice Cube. I actually bought the kit for a Gunpla party I had been invited to. The kit had taken about 6-7 hours to finish and there's really nothing else I need to do (such as painting) to make the kit look good. I love this kit. [here's a crappy picture of the finished project]

I'll also be making another Dream list for other kit's such as Eureka 7 ones.

1/144 HG Gundam Astray Red Frame [HLJ]
1/100 MG Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka [HLJ][YT]
1/144 HG Gundam Exia Trans-am Mode [HLJ]
Gff Next Generation Full Armor Gundam Unicorn [HLJ]
1/100 MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth w/ Special Clear Armor Parts [HLJ]


[Random Manga] Gamble Fish [chpt 1]

This entry is possible thanks to:

Yo, reader//watcher [girl] readers! I decided to start another series for my blog called 'Random Manga' because not every manga that I read can be put in Manga Spotlight! The difference is that Random Manga is for when I decided to just try out a manga at the spur of the moment- this means that any series featured in Random Manga could eventually get featured in Manga Spotlight if I like it enough. While Manga Spotlight is not a review type series, Random Manga is. LOL. Hope I didn't confuse you to much. On to the content.

Artist: Kazutoshi
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Mystery, Psychological, School life, Shounen
Year started publication: 2007
Published in: Weekly Shounen Champion

[Akia's Thoughts]
Chpt 1 (67 pgs): Ok, so right off the bat we are introduced to a transfer student who by the looks of it transfered due to some preset thoughts about what he transfered to the school for- "It's full of suckers." Based on this I as the reader can assume he thinks he'll be able to easily accomplish something at this new school. We soon find out the school has a goal of "raising leaders who will make Japan a world leader in both literary and military arts." I'm not too thrilled with this series and I'm only a few pages in xD. The first reference to the title of Gamble Fish is found on page 17- "I'm worried about whether or not I can get the fish into my net properly." ... ok I will admit that it was interesting how the main character figured out where the coin was, but this is not really original and I feel like I've read manga like this before. AND THUS THE TITLE MAKES SENSE. /end chapter/

ok, so chapter one was interesting. I'll give the writer props for catching my attention enough to read 'til the end BUT I don't see this becoming a series I must read but I do plan on checking out a few more chapters.

Bleach chpt. 420

Gosh darn. Like......... Bleach is going further and further into the gutter. I really want this series to be good again. I really do... but it's not and well I'm disappointed and well my bud on Facebook put it best:

"All Bleach fans, I'm about to spoil this shit for you cause this shit just got so shitty I don't give a shit enough to not spill the shitty ass shit beans all over this shit: Shitty Aizen takes a shit on the entire cast, shits himself a pair of butterfly wings after ingesting that shitty hougyouku,gets nearly shit on by Gin who was apparently the shittiest subordinate you ever have in your whole shitty life, but Aizen in turn shitted on him, then shitty ass Ichigo shows up with a new shitty ass costume and a shitty ass hairdo and Aizen's like "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIYIT I hope you don't expect you new shitty outfit to scare me" then Ichigo STRAIGHT BUSTS HIS SHIT ON A FUCKING ROCK! Aizen's like "HOLY SHIT?!??!" and Ichigo's like "What was that shit you was talkin again?"

Aizen's shitting his pants now, shits himself out some new powers that look like a shitty fucking octopus with a bunch of shitty ass human skulls on the end of that shit, yeah Aizen becomes Vizard, A SHITTY ASS VIZARD and he's like like "YOUR POWERS AIN'T SHIT ICHIGO! I'M THE SHIT! CHECK THIS SHIT!" and attacks again and Ichigo's like "You ain't see my real shit yet, this is the shit that could even kill me cause it's a shitty fucking technique that takes all the shit outta me and I lose all my shitty powers which up until recently were totally worth SHIT because I didn't spend enough time perfectin' my shit!"(WHAT THE SHIT WAS HE TALKING ABOUT?!). So the shit he's talkin about was some "Final Getsuga" shit, which is pretty much the way you wanna go with a shitty manga.

Aizen loses his shit some more, talkin shit about how Ichigo still ain't shit....and Ichigo FINALLY takes a shit on Aizen.....



[Anime of the Week]Kemonozume (9/19-25/2010)

# of Eps: 13
Rating: Mature
(it is an erotic anime, but it's not hentai)
Since ancient times there has been a race of flesh eating monsters called Shokujinki (食人鬼?, lit. "Man-Eating Ogres"). They can assume human form or otherwise live in the shadows while feeding on humans. The Kifūken (鬼封剣?, lit. "Ogre-Sealing Sword") martial arts style school was created to hunt down those creatures and its teachings have been passed down through the generations to the Momota family. The story revolves around the forbidden romance between Toshihiko, the latest heir of the Kifūken school and Yuka, a young woman who is also a Shokujinki.

[Drama of the Week] Thank You (9/29-25/2010)

# of Eps: 16
Dr. Min Ki Seo went to Blue Island to fulfill his deceased girlfriend's last wish to find the single mother and her little girl who was infected by HIV and to apologize to them on her behalf as she had unknowingly given the girl tainted blood when she was being treated at the hospital. Lee Young Shin, the single mom, was having a hard time caring for her grandfather who has Alzeimer's and keeping her daughter's HIV condition a secret while teaching her how to live with it. Min Ki Seo was an arrogant person who looked down on people and in meeting Lee Young Shin who accepted her fate and tried to make the best of it despite all odds, he slowly changed for the better and became a warm and caring person.

[Body Mods] Tongue [day 4] RIP Tongue Piercing

After some not so serious debate (and feeling sick to my stomach) for the past 2 days I decided to get the piercing removed. No, I wasn't in much pain other that a few sharp pulses while apparently laying my tongue wrong while I slept. No, I didn't take it out 'cause my parents freaked or anything like that (they in fact have no say in the issue because I'm an Adult lol). No I didn't take it out only because it was annoying.

I took it out because the metal was making me sick to my stomach and having a tongue piercing will honestly make it hard for me to get a job any where other than a call center (and I do not want to work at another call center). Honestly, I just did not like it.

I'd rather have my lip piercing back. Or to try eyebrow.


[Body Mods] Tongue [day 3]

[Images- 1 2 3]

Day 3 loves me (well 5am). I was able to eat a Jenny Craig meal, Wheat Thins, some rice cracker snack mix, a brownie and some bread with little to no pain. The tongue is still swollen and well there's crater on the top part of my tongue and the bottom well has some white skin hanging a bit off (this is the tongues version of a scab). That's about all that's new.

Oh, and most of day 2 the roof of my mouth was dry =/


[Body Mods] Tongue [day 2]

I currently have each ear pierced 3 times and now my tongue. I used to have lip, but I took it out a few months ago due to my body rejecting it.

Ok, so I decided to wanted to record my journey with getting my tongue pierced for future reference if it rejects and for people who may want to know from day to day how I fared.

I got my tongue pierced at Sunland Park Mall at a place called Shield. This is the same place I got my lip pierced earlier in the year (about 6-7 months ago... my lip rejected meaning the hole kept moving almost to wear it was pushed completely out of my lip, so I decided to just take it out). The piercing itself was not painful at all, and the clamp wasn't even all that uncomfortable. Then again, I do have somewhat of a long tongue (I can touch the tip of my nose with it easily) so I probably had a much more comfortable experience in comparison to someone with an average length tongue. I experienced next to no swelling, and next to no pain during day one. I took some pain meds like the piercer had instructed so that was probably why I didn't experience pain. I was able to talk, but with a smallish lisp- and I had a lovely blue mark on my tongue because of the piercer marking my tongue for proper placement.

Now it's the morning of day 2. Pain is minimal but during the night I felt like I had to trow up! BUT this was probably due to the headache I already had and my apartment being really hot. Like, the type of hot where you sweat. I took some more pain meds, and I attempted to eat some yogurt. Swallowing does move the tongue and well this is a bit painful but nothing unbearable. Talking is easy, but it is obvious I have the piercing.

Overall, I haven't experienced that much pain. And I have to say, ears and lip hurt way more!