[Movie] New Moon Bite [#3] NM Director

Thanks to Reelz Channel's webiste, I have been informed that Catherine Hardwicke may not be the director for New Moon. I feel this would be very sad considering the job she was able to do with such a low budget when it came to filming Twilight. Please pray that she gets the job! I really think she deserves it. For the full article, click here.


[Movie] New Moon Bite [#2] NM Filming!

According to Kristin Stewart, New Moon will begin official filming in Italy some time in March of 2009. On account of the first film having a six month period to finish (this was about 4-5 months before November 2008) New Moon will most likely be a December 2009 or early 2010 release.

EDIT: One of my good friends, who is not only a Twilight nut but is also a film nut, has informed me that the cast is already in pre-production which means production may start sooner than expected. The original planned release month for New Moon was Febuary, but Summit has annouced somewhere that they are trying to aim for a December 2009 release rather than a Febuary 2010 one.


[Movie] New Moon Bite [#1] Twilight Merch

On November 22, 2008 Summit Entertainment announced that they would officially be producing 'New Moon' for a release in late 2009. Due to this exciting news (and my being on Team Jacob) I've decided to create a new series for my Blogger called New Moon Bite which I will do my best to post news relating to the 'Twilight' saga but with a focus on the 'New Moon' movie. For tonights news I have two pieces: amazon.com has a top notch collectors edition of 'Twilight' and an mp3 dowload of 'Twilight: The Score'.