[Life Post] Their names Change 0___0

I vaguely remember the good ol days when I was a child who cried for her dead giga pet. There was this one I had that strapped onto my wrist; it was a dinosaur! It lasted me two whole months before the battery, not the gigapet itself, died! I cried a lot (at least, my dad says I did). I also remember one day walking around the block only to see a gigapet of the same kind laying on the road broken! Being the stupid lover of gigapets I was, I picked it up only to end up crying again because it was cracked.
for my 18th birthday this year I decided to get the best of the nest of recent gigapets- the 'Tamagotchi Connection' version 5! This time around, you get a set of three little creatures to take care of. As of posting this, mine have already grown in size two times. I don't ever remember them being made to grow so fast! It's kind of scary. And to boot (though I dislike this part), their names change when the grow up =[ Man, and I really like'd my 'daughter' having the name Sakura-ichi!!

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