Gundam Unicorn Ep.3 on PSN/Zune +Blu-ray release details

Listen up Gundam Unicorn fans, Episode 3 is expected to be on sale on Blu-ray April 7th. It was suppose to be available for streaming on PSN, but it got delayed due to technical problems, so sit tight, or just wait until it comes out on Blu-ray to enjoy the entire episode.



HSOTD Streaming on the Anime Network in English

HSOTD was vastly populaur when the anime came out in 2010. And now with the anime streaming legally and free in English you should go check it out. Oh and pick up volume 1 of the manga at your local Barnes & Nobles, Borders or here.

thanks to striker0 for the tip


Emilie Autumn

The above video is an interview of hers from 2009. A Friend of mine on Facebook was telling me about how she was going to an Emilie Autumn concert so I checked out this artist a bit. She seems like a pretty neat artist, but I don't know much about her and just started listening to her today. IF you're a fan, what are your favorite songs of hers :3

EDIT: ok... after checking out some interviews and listening to hers songs... her stuff is pretty dark and dangerous.