[Blog Layout] New Banner! (and some news)

I decided it was time to make a banner that featured none other that the lovely me- Akia Tomiyo. So, I took a picture of me in my Halloween 2008 costume (I made my costume. I was a android... but people has to ask) and made a banner for my Blogger site. Here are the before and after pictures. I used the editing software on Photobucket:

Credits and Disclaimer(s): All opinions expressed here are that of their individual owners and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Goggle Blogger nor that of their partners. Both images are copyrighted to Akia Tomiyo. I claim no ownership to any images used in my blogs unless stated otherwise, nor do I claim all these opinions as my own; just the ones that have Akia and/or Akia Tomiyo beside them (unless I'm the only one reviewing because then all the opinions are mine unless stated otherwise).

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