[Cosplay] Orihime- the shirt (so far) [EPAC 2009]

~Orihime Inoue~

Orihime's shirt so far....

Yesterday I spent most of my time on the interent and in my manga volumes/ magazines/ anime folders deciding who to cosplay as for EPAC '09. This was much harder than I anticipated it to be (especially considering I had to figure out a cosplay that was simple enough to make in 6 days so I could enter a hall cosplay contest). I ended up narrowing the search down to Riku from D.N.Angel, Yui from K-ON, Lenalee from D.Gray-man, Elie from Rave Master and Orihime from Bleach. In the end, I decided on Orihime because I already had a shirt I could modify into her school uniform.

I ordered a wig last night for her in an online shop that says shipping takes 3-5 days. I know that's cutting it EXTREMLY close... but I have faith my orange hair will arrive in the mail on time ;P I also added the orange details to the sides of the shirts sleeves and made a bow using a red t-shirt I no longer use. The bow isn't completed and the shirt is missing a pocket (which I probably won't add... oh well).