[Life Post] An Akia Update [#6]

Have I ever mentioned on my blog that Svetlana Chmakova is one of the best manga-ka's who are not of Japanese or Korean birth? Another one of my favorite OEL (original english language) manga-ka's are Christ Lijewski- who is the artist behind RE:play. I drew the picture above as a piece of fan art for Chmakova's Nightschool which currently runs in the American manga magazine Yen+. For complete info on this pice of fanart and to see others like it as well as some more of my amazing art, be sure to visit my DeviantArt page.

MTV's Women of the Year

I would make an acceptance video buttt, there are two reasons I'm not going to. One, it's a little too late and two, my sister has the camera I use right now. Sooo, maybe I'll include a little piece about this exciting news in my new vlog which I had planned to film today after cleaning my room... I feel asleep, thusly have not finished cleaning my room. Sooo, I have to do that first and tommorrow is Christ-mas shopping so there will probably not be a new vlog untill monday.
For now, check these awsome acceptance videos:


[Life Post][Manga] An Akia Update [#5]

BakumanI remember the good 'ol days when Hikaru no Go was running in the American manga mangazine Shonen Jump (which to this day I still have a subscription of). I miss Hikaru no Go but I don't miss having chapters of Death Note to read... becuase, in my opinion, that series was not even close to being nearly as good as Hikaru no Go. You're probbaly wondering where I'm going with this. Well, both of these series and the one pictured above are all manga by Obata Takashi. He's also the manga-ka behind Blue Dragon-Ral Grado, Ayatsuri Sakon, Cyborg Jii-chan G, Hajime, Rampou, Rikijin Densetsu and the two one shots Hello Baby and Urooboe Uroboros. I have not read the one shots (though both are only 1 chapter long) but I have read a part of Blue Dragon- Ral Grado. I have to say, Bakuman is my favorite. Today I finished chapter 19! Woooo, I can't wait for the next chapter to be translated =D
An Akia Update
Sooooooo, my Anatomy grade is not a 75% but my dad said he is most likely going to give me a break for Christmas; meaning I'll most likely be able to use the computer at home which means A NEW VLOG! Wooooo...wooo..oo..ah. ^__^ It's been a while (almost two months) since I posted a vlog but this new one will probably be a mini-log because I have a lot of new manga butttt my room is a mess.... I don't like to show off a messy room >.< ((though, I have thought about it becuase people need to see how I really am. lol. Maybe I'll show a little bit of my messy room off))


[Movie] New Moon Bite [#9]

Variety confirms New Moon Release Date
Thanks to a tip from Twilight Source, who calls Variety "a very reliable source", any doubts that New Moon will be coming to a theater near you on 11/20/2008 have been erased.
(Older) Jacob Black Casting... no more Lautner?
Currently all is looking very grim when it comes to Taylor Lautner playing Jacob Black in New Moon. Several actors are up for consideration by Weitz, including 26-year old actor Michael Copon who is best known for his role in the movie Scorpion King 2. An MTV article puts it this way,"...actor Michael Copon is one of several actors Weitz is considering to play the new, larger Jacob Black." This could suggest that Lautner will still play the younger (or, less buff) Jacob Black, but when his over night transfermation to the new Jacob Black takes place that a different actor will take over the role.
Your dream New Moon Cast?
MTV's movie blog release an entry today allowing Twi-lighters to have their voices heard about who they want to be casted for New Moon.
Ben Barnes as Aro?
You probably know him for his role as Prince Caspian in the second Chronicles of Narnia movie... but could you seen him as the Italian vampire Aro? Who knows, because a lot of new people will be appearing in New Moon. Oh, all those vampires!!


[Movie] New Moon Bite [#8] Chris Weitz!?

1] Chris Weitz is now the official New Moon director according to Summit and Stephenie Meyer.
2] Taylor Lautner may not be returing to the screen as Jacob Black for New Moon. This is still a rumor, not yet confirmed by Meyer nor Summit Entertainment.
According to MTV, Michael Copon just may be replacing Lautner... or at least he's trying to.
Here are some old-ish articles from around the web that I think are relevent to the news posted above:
3] Peter Facinelli Excited to play Carlisle Cullen in New Moon [Link]
According to MTV, Peter Facinelli will be returning as Carlisle Cullen in the movie adaptation of New Moon. Or at least the articles title suggests he will keep the role of Mr. Cullen.
4] 'Twilight' Star Kellan Lutz Looks Forward To Emmett's 'New Moon' One-Liners
Again, according to MTV Kellan Lutz will be returning as the lovable Emmett Cullen for New Moon. As with Facinelli, I have yet to find any official confermation from Summit on the interwebs other than that Kristin Stewart and Robbert Pattison will return as their parts. *sigh*

[Life Post] An Akia Update [#4]

Oh. My. Golly. GEE!
I lost 2 POUNDS during my first week on the Jenny Craig program!!
AHHHH. *this is me virtually screaming*
You have no idea how happy that makes me!

Annd, to top this good news off, I read my email only to find this:

Most people who have read fan translations for this particular series probably know it as Genei Muso rather than Phantom Dream.