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Time for that review of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button that I :sort of: promised!
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
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Hearts: 5 out of 5 <3

Here's an FYI, this movie is an adaptation of a short story F.Scott Fitzgerald (of The Great Gatsby fame) penned. I did not know this going into Bratt Pitt's newest tear jerker (anyone see Meet Joe Black?), and I'm sure it would not have made a difference because either way, adaptation or not, this is an excellent movie that is touching as well as witty. This movie premiered on Christmas day, just in case you were wondering =D

The premise for this movie may sound very odd- a baby is born with the apperance, and smarts, of an old man but still posseses a child like innoccence that can't seemed to be matched. At an early age, Benjamin has his first drink and goes into a brothel only to impress the women he encounters. Later on he ends up as a seamen only to encounter first hand the devistation of war.

I found this movie to have as much spark as it did because of the aging process used on both Benjamin (Pitt) and his love interest Daisy (Blanchett). My family and I (minus one member) discussed the film afterwards. I ended up saying "This movie does long right. I felt like the movie was longer than 2 hours and 45 minuets, which in this case was brilliant. I felt like I had gone through the entire life of Benjamin, not just some small portions like other movies have made me feel." I would say that to anyone who asked me, because I'm usually not one for really long movies (I like the Lord of the Ring movies, but I don't plan on watching them a bunch more in my life but I can see myself watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button over and over again).

This movie lacks nothing; it has everything any smart movie goer would want from a movie: comedy, drama, romance, excellent character development, a brilliant sound track as well as effects. The effects are a highlight of this movie. They are hardly noticible (this is the main reason this movie was painfully good- Pitt was aged very slowly. I found myself a little jumpy while waiting for him to look younger) and extremely well done on both characters (and supporting/ other major character) parts. The story, I don't want to say much about it because it is amazing beyond words; one that needs to be experienced, not told about.

Go watch this movie RIGHT NOW >:D

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