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As with most of my decks, this one isn't built to the usual standards of other Photon Galaxy decks thus the reason I've added Akia to the name... for now. So far I am in love with this deck! I have not liked playing a deck this much since I originally built my version of GaGaGa's! Usually my decks start with my own flavor then over time have standard cards added. This deck will prob not follow that path too much because so far it runs really well as it is. There are a few tweaks to be done in the trap and spell department but the monster line-up has been pretty solid. The part that will more than likely go under the most dramatic changes in the extra deck but that's just because I haven't gotten all the good cards for it yet, but I still have a pretty solid 15 cards in it for now that do the job. Anywhosills, this DeckReciPie might be kinda wordy since a lot of the cards have effects that run differently than most of my decks.

Main Deck Size: 40
# of Monsters: 18
# of Spells: 14
# of Traps: 8
Extra Deck Size: 15
# of XYZs: 15
Monster Line-up:
Run at 2-3.
+star of this deck
+Special summons by tributing 2 monsters
with 2000 or more atk.
+During the battle phase you can banish both this 
card and the one it was battling. If the other card
was an XYZ monster, when they both return this 
card gains 500atk for each material the XYZ had.

Run at 1-2.
+When you control a photon or galaxy monster,
you can normal summon this guy without tribute.
+When you do you can special summon a
Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon from your grave.
-This card loses 1000 atk when summoned 
until the next end phase.

Run at 1-2 (I currently run 2).
+When normal or flipsummoned, 
destroy all set cards your op controls.
+As with any level 8s in this deck, can
be used with Trade-in to draw 2 cards.
+Can also be used with another lvl8 to 
make an XYZ such as Number 62 or

Run at 2.
+Can not be normal summoned or set.
+Must first be special summoned when
you control no monsters.
-If you control another monster, this one
can not attack.
+Can be brought out other ways such as by
Galaxy Mirror Sage's effect.

Run at 2.
(There is an english release of this card,
I just felt like throwing in a JP card lol)
+Can only attack dragon types, but when it 
does gains 1000atk during the damage step.
+Negates that other monsters effect during 
the battle phase as long as this card remains

Run at 2.
+After this card attacks, switch to def mode.
+Can be used with another level 4 to make
an XYZ monster such as Black Ship of Corn 
or Number 39: Utopia.

Run at 2.
+Once per turn you can make this
cards atk become double until the next
end phase, but you can not attack the 
turn you activate this effect.

Run at 2.
+Once per turn you can make this card
up to 4 levels higher.
+You can tribute this card to add one
galaxy card from your deck to your hand
other than Galaxy Wizard.
+I've used this effect to add Photon Sanctuary to
my hand.

Run at 2.
+When flipped, gain 500LP for every
galaxy monster card in your graveyard.
+When this card is sent from the field to 
the grave after being flipped face-up, you
can special summon a lvl4 or lower galaxy
monster from your deck in face down def 
position. Banish that card when it leaves 
the field.

Spell Line-up:
Common cards seen in other decks-
Trade-in x3
Dark Hole x1
MST x2
Book of Moon x1
Barian's Force x1

Run at 2-3.
+Creates 2 level 4 photon tokens
-Can not attack or be used as 
synchro material.
-You can not summon other monsters
other than light ones the turn you activate
this effect.

Run at 1-3.
+If you control a galaxy XYZ monster,
drop a card to the graveyard to draw 2 cards.
-If you activate this effect, your opponent takes
half damage during that turn.
-You can only activate one per turn.

Run at 2.
+If you control no monster, summon 
a level 4 or lower galaxy or photon 
monster from your deck.
-You can not normal summon or set
the turn you activate this card.
-You can only activate 1 Accellight 
per turn.

Run at 1-3.
(I want to run more but my local card shop
only had 1 at the time I built the deck)
+If you control a lvl5 or higher galaxy monster,
special summon a level 5 or higher galaxy monster
from your deck in face-up def position.
-You can only activate 1 of this card per turn.

Trap Line-up:
Common cards used in other decks-
Phoenix Wing Wind Blast x1-3
Breakthrough Skill x2
Call of the Haunted x2
Compulsory Evacuation Device x1

Run at 1-2.
+When a face up light dragon you 
control is targeted for attack, the atk 
target gains atk equal to the attacking 
monsters until the end of the damage

Run at 1-2.
(I really want another of this card)
+When a face up galaxy monster is destoryed
on your side of the field by battle or card effect from your
opponent, destroy as many face-up cards your op controlls
as possible. If you do, banish them.
+During your draw phase when this is in your graveyard,
you can replace your draw phase by banishing this card
to special summon a galaxy XYZ monster from your grave.
Extra Deck Line-up:
 Number c107: Neon Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon x1
Neon Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon x1
Number 62: Galaxy Eyes Prime Photon Dragon x2
Number 107: Tachyon Dragon x1
Felgrand x1
Number 39: Utopia x1
Photon Papilloperative x1
Number 50: Black Ship of Corn x1
Kachi Kochi Dragon x1
Starliege Lord Galaxyion x1
Castiel x1
Starliege Paladynamo x1
Wind-up Zenmaister x1
Wind-up Zenmaines x1

Side Deck Line-up:
Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon x1
Galaxy Tyranno x1
Photon Crusher x1
Galaxy Mirror Sage x1
Number c39: Utopia Ray
Photon Sanctuary
Galactic Charity x2
Photon Current x1

+9/10/2014- I'll do an update post for this soon, but 2 Galaxy Expeditions, 1 Galaxy Mage and a Tachyeon Chaos Hole was added to replace 4 cards. I'll post what those are in the update post when I get the chance. I also have plans to order 2 Galaxy Knights and 2 Galaxy Zeros in the near future.

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