[YA Novels/ Manga] What I'm reading... [#1]

Ok, to be honest I haven't sat down for hours on end to read a book in one or two days like I used to! Being a senior really keeps people busy. I'm a tad bit on the 'busier' side than most seniors for more than one reason: volenteer work at my church (on wedsndays I help with 3 and 4 year olds in a program called AWANAs and on thursdays I welcome people at my youth group because I'm on the welcoming comittee), dual credit classes and being an anime/manga nerd =D Ha ha, being an anime/manga nerd is a lifestyle that people have to have a bunch of time set aside for! I honestly spend at least 4-5 hours watching anime, reading manga or playing some sort of anime/manga rleated game a day (unless it's wedsnday because by the time I get home from school I have about an hour to eat and get ready to go).
When I'm not being a nerd, I'm usually reading a book. Recently, I've read some more of the book called City of Bones. I really like the book, but life keeps getting in my way of reading it! Right now on top of my usual busy schedule I have SAT Academy on saturdays untill I take the SAT on November 1, 2008. Ok, the truth is after reading Breaking Dawn (the 4th and final Twilight book) nothing seems to catch and keep my interest fro very long. Actually, there's this one book at my high school's library called Beige that looks really good... but I promised myself to read the bazillion and one books I have right now that I've bought over summer 'till now! Actually.... these books I have (some of them) date back to the four or so months before summer of 2008 started! There's even one my dad bought for me two summers ago. GAH! What's happened to me!? I used to buy a book and read untill I finished (or had to go to the bathroom, sleep, eat, school, ect). *sigh*
I'm pretty sure my list is imcomplete because I can't remember all the YA, adult and light novels I currently have to read that I bought. There's even more when I add in the one I borrowed and all the Star Wars books I have to read that my dad owns (he has 99% of the ones out). As far as the manga is concerned.... the list just has the bound ones I have not the manga on my external hardrive =[ Wowzers.........
Books/ Light Novels:
City of Bones
Pendragon: The Pilgrims of Rayne
Pendragon: Raven Rise
Midnighters: Touching Darkness
Midnighters: Blue Noon
Med Center: Virus and Flood
Missing: Letter of Misfourtune
The Host
Ballad of a Shinigami #2
Amazing Agent Luna v.1-3 omnibus
Stellvia v.2
Gentlemen's Alliance Cross v.1
Kurogane Communication v.1
Code Geass v.1
Kitchen Princess v.5
Dragon Drive v.9
Fall in Love like a Comic v.2
Wild Ones v.1
Dorothy of OZ v.1&2

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