[FigureReview] Gloomy Bear x Super Sonico (GBG Racing PVC figure)

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Konnichiwa minna-san, it is I Akia here with something you don't see too often on this here blog- a figure review. I've been wanting to do one of these for a while buuuuut I was waiting for a figure I haven't seen many reviews of on this interwebs; this opportunity presented itself when my local anime goods shop Robo Gato announced he'd be selling the Gloomy Bear x Super Sonico (Gloomy Bear Grand Prix) Taito prize figure (boy that is super a mouth full of a name) and then my lovely boyfriend bought her for me. She was a fair price ($40) considering a shop like this not only has to pay more for the figure than you would in Japan but also has to pay some sort of shipping. I've checked out a few listings online. She's usually in the $35+ price range with $8+ shipping so time and money was saved by getting her locally. If you'd like to see the pictures in more detail, all you have to do is click on them to get the full size view :3

Considering this is a prize figure, it has some pretty nice packaging which shows that this Sonico has an outfit based on one that already exists (as you can see on the sides of the box). Also, the box shows the figure to scale... which was a bit surprising cause I thought she'd be a bit bigger cause other prize figures I've purchased were bigger. I normally don't keep the box for prize figures but I like this one enough that I will prob keep it while I have the space.

~~~The Figure~~~
Unlike other Sonico figures, this one is not a cast off. The only lose pieces of PVC are the skirt and part of the belt; otherwise everything else is solid or painted on. This is the first prize figure I own that has some loose pieces, but I think this is a plus. The lose skirt gives her a more realistic look. The buttons look a little odd and the detailing on the blood is a little off but overall this is a well made figure especially since she is a prize figure. Prize figures usually have a lot more mispaintings and a lack of detail. I'm really happy with her even though she is a bit smaller than I was expecting.

~~~Some Details~~~
The only off detail is the blood drippings coloring is a bit off from the lines but this doesn't really effect the look of the figure from a distance. Her skirt does move but you can't fully take it off without breaking it, and the belt also has some movability. overall the figure is made up of solid and painted PVC. I really like the way her headphones are en-cooperated as part of the bear ears. Most of the Sonico figures I find her signature headphones stand out too much which is not the case with this one. Possibly the best detail on her is her pantsu. The only detail I wish was done better was the buttons on her shirt. They don't look bad from at least a small distance but when you look at her chest up close the buttons are a bit of an eye sore. Her shoes are also nicely done. Instead of being a solid piece of white, some grey detail was added to the bottom to give some depth. 
Overall though, very nicely done details!


[AOW] Super Sonico the Animation (2/8-14/2015)

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Not going to lie... I was really hyped for Sonico the Anime when it was first announced. I've always liked her voluptuous character design that made her look more like a real girl than most of these skinny anime b**ches with bewbs running around like %90 of the time they are meant to be eye candy. Too bad her character in the anime is too much of a ditz and cat lover :/ I still really like her tho... just this anime ended up feeling like a waste of potential. If you're looking for a good idol anime you're much better off checking out LoveLive! or Idol Master; heck you could even try out K-on! or even the lesser known Mermaid Melody.

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I do not have much to say about this anime... because I was just so let down. I might give it another watch one day just to see Sonico moving on screen but otherwise I'd rather spend my time watching other idol anime.

Type: Game Adaptation
Genre(s): Music, Slice of Life
# of Episode(s): 12
A series featuring Super Sonico, the mascot girl of Nitroplus.
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