[Art] Winter Holiday 2008 Design Contest

*Takes a deep breath so she does not scream*
I get to enter the 'Winter Holiday 2008' CD design contest!!
I designed a CD cover, but my art teacher who can only pick ten CD covers as well as ten CD designs said that since my CD cover design had to much dead space ( this means too much of an area that is white or 'empty') that she felt it best not to enter it. I'm perfectly ok with that because even I felt like it contained too much dead space.
Theeennnn, I worked on my CD design all day (ok, most of the school day) only to finish it about 15 minuets before typing this blog entry. My teacher said she would enter, thusly sending me to personally give my entry to the teacher who was mailing the package with all the enteries. This is what really made the reality sink in! I've never entered a real design contest before (well, there was that time I sent in a few designs for the Eastwood Anime Club t-shirt... but that didn't even go through), so I'm really excited for this one. If I win, I will get $300 to order really nice art supplies. Do I hear that I'm getting some copic markers in the mail!?


[Life Post] An Akia Update [#1]

Since most of my online places (I don't know what to call all of them because three are social places and others are kind of but are called something different) have some sort of series that updates my readers on what I've been up to, I decided it was time for my Blogger to have an official updates on me series. On myspace this is called A 'leash Update, on youtube this is An Akia V-log and then Twitter is just plain 'ol updates.

And now on Blogger, this is called An Akia Update (which used to be the title I used for my myspace updates)! Um... so, these updates will basically be anything I want to tell my readers about. It could be that I had a nose bleed (which I did two or so days ago) or even that the book I'm reading sucks (which will hardly ever happen).

Here's a warning: the grammer in these updates will be atrotious! Ha ha =D

I don't have much to update you on for this post other than my grades are getting much better than they were. In my Economics class, I'm pretty good. All I really have to do is pay attention and do the reviews given my the teacher. In my art class, I get bored. Right now we're working on pastle portraits of ourselfs and another one of a class mate... this is the first assignment I did not want to do from the begining. In my Dual Credit Government class (Dual Credit means I can get college credit from the class if I recieve a 75 average for the year in that class) I have a 78. The teacher showed us our grades today and I have a test due tommorrow (its a take home that I'm going to finish once I'm done typing this update) as well as a current events assignment due monday. In Anatomy, I have to go to turtoring due to my failing grade that I recieved in my last 3 weeks progress report. Lunch is my second best subject. In Dual Credit English, I just finished a descriptive essay that is due tommorrow . In Pre-cal, I've revived my grade which was failing by one point to passing my nine. I don't have a 7th (last) period and two weeks after I get back from Christmas break I'll have no 1st nor 7th period. More time for me to work as editor for Itadakimasu Studios!! Yosh~!

[Blog Layout] New Banner! (and some news)

I decided it was time to make a banner that featured none other that the lovely me- Akia Tomiyo. So, I took a picture of me in my Halloween 2008 costume (I made my costume. I was a android... but people has to ask) and made a banner for my Blogger site. Here are the before and after pictures. I used the editing software on Photobucket:

Credits and Disclaimer(s): All opinions expressed here are that of their individual owners and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Goggle Blogger nor that of their partners. Both images are copyrighted to Akia Tomiyo. I claim no ownership to any images used in my blogs unless stated otherwise, nor do I claim all these opinions as my own; just the ones that have Akia and/or Akia Tomiyo beside them (unless I'm the only one reviewing because then all the opinions are mine unless stated otherwise).


[Novels] Teh Bookworm [#1]

I have a mini series on my youtube profile (arishosan) called 'Teh Bookworm' but due to school troubles, I have not been able to make videos so I decided to have a companion series in my blog. Here's what I'm currently reading: City of Bones, Harry Potter #1, Ironside, Midnighters #2, and I'm starting Vampire Academy =D

[Movie] New Moon Bite [#5] Twi-articles

Hello all you Twilighters aka 'Twi-hards' out there! There's no real news reguarding the New Moon movie, so I've decided to post links to some interesting Twilight related articles that surfaced over the past week or so:
'The 12 Days of Twilight' is an online series of videos, interviews and other Twilight goodies given by Teen Mag on a twelve day basis. Today (meaning, as I post it) 11 days are up! Be sure to click back tommorrow for day 12 =]
An MTV interview with the man who is signed on to play Carlisle Cullen for at least the two sequels that follow Twilight- New Moon and Eclipse. He talks about opening weekend for Twilight and a bit about New Moon.
Twilight Merch. (Hot Topic)
Currently Hot Topic has these Twilight iteams (and since they are currently the official carrier of Twilight movie merch, you should probably get them while Hot Topic still has them): Twilight Afraid Hoodie [and Tee], Twilight Alice Tee, Twilight Bad Guy Poster [Edward Cullen with 'What if I'm the Bad Guy?' quote], Twilight Bad Vamps Slim-fit T-shirt, Twilight Bad Vamps Tee, and much more!
For other articles and news, be sure to visit Edward's Meadow and Twilight Source... or even the Twilight Lexicon or His Golden Eyes =D


[Movie] New Moon Bite [#4] Twilight Merch.

Sooo, Hot Topic has some really nice 'Twilight' movie merchandise!
I for one want these iteams (not nessecarily for Christmas, but some time soon):