"6 Manga You Must Not Read" [commentary]

I did some research on the manga found in this Sankaku Complex article. It was hard finding most of these on the manga reader sites I use most...

The cover of this first one is very interesting. The whole swim suit mixed with a wedding dress is apparently every otaku's dream to have a girl wear for them. You'll have a hard time finding this one in English because according to Baka-manga it was never translated.

I know someone who is a big fan of Aki Sora, and I personally have started reading this one here. Normally I don't read manga with incest (I dropped Onii-chan after only a few chapters), but this one comes highly recommended so I decided to give it a chance.

This one actually peaked my interest the most, but yet again Baka-manga has it as not translated. =(

The other manga listed I have no interest in at all 'cause they apparently were made just to please the perverted otaku out there who have no life outside of their room.


[Gundam News] 1/144 HG GM III (to be released in July) [by striker0]

Bandai is giving love this time around to Gundam Unicorn, in the form of the RGM-86R GM III. This is from ZZ Gundam bear in mind, and not the Unicorn version, which has different colors As some know, the GM is the mass produced version of the Gundam, using similar technologies, but also keeping it's cost down by not using some of the more complex systems that the prototypes use.

This model is due out in July, and at around $20 or so depending on the current exchange rate, it's sure to make some of us mass produced or grunt type lovers happy.