So I was going through my fav AMVs list on YouTube...

AND BOY DO I HAVE GREAT TASTE :P lol well check these superb AMVs that I could watch over and over and over and over....

Chimera (Origin)
Endure - NTHT (Now and Then, Here and There)


[3DS] Professor Layton vs. Gyakuten Saiban - Trailer [SUBBED]

First off this animation was amazing. Second, two of the greatest DS games combined
for an all new adventure on the 3DS... the 3DS has now gotten my attention.


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[Random Manga][The List #1] (December 2010)

I'm too lazy to do reviews of what I've read of some manga series recently BUT I will give you links ( to manga reader sites. completely free) to some noteworthy titles that I found very amusing:

Synopsis: Makino Yayoi is a 16 year old high-school girl who made a promise with her mother that she wouldn't have sex until she turned 20, because, "You'll grow a dick!" This story is about how Makino goes through every sexual act in the book to delay sex with a fellow classmate, Suzuki-kun, who she mistakenly begins to believe, wants to rape her and take her virginity!

Synopsis: The technology to transfer a human soul into other objects. The invention of this miraculous technology which allows one to control not something of one's own body is the main factor for the rise of androids. Initially the main function of these androids were for industrial work and medical use. Over time a type that was equipped with arms was manufactured specifically for combat use. And so these 'Armed Operational Androids' came to be ...and were called 'Katana'.

Kijin Gahou (one shot)
Synopsis: Some girls from some class are obsessed with cutting open their stomachs til their guts fall out. It ends in an intestine fight!

Synopsis: Times continue to grow worse as criminals go after little girls. The police are always too late or keep losing their target. Who will protect the happiness of little girls?! A half-naked, bird mask wearing, NEET, lolicon will. An ally of justice! A phoenix that will protect the little girls from perverts, molesters and degenerates that lurk the neighborhood!

Synopsis: Ms. Aoshika is not only divorced, but an underappreciated teacher at her job. But one drunken mishap leads her to witness firsthand the brutal assault and murder of a young man. However, after fainting, she awakens to discover that all of the assailants have been seriously wounded. And to her further surprise, the next day she discovers that not only is the young man Akira she met the night before alive, but he is now her new transfer student.

And here are some I thought were just ok:

Synopsis: Amnesia Labyrinth is a story of murders and twisted love.

Banquet Box (this one is a manwha though)
Synopsis: Several strangers are trapped in a steel box given tasks in order to b e released alive. The first task is to simply remember.

Synopsis: Kamijou is the envy of all of his coworkers. At the office, he can solve any problem. Outside, he is chased by every girl under the sun. Kamijou, however, only has eyes for one girl: Xianglan, a Chinese immigrant who works as a waitress in the local Chinese restaurant. She can't see him as anything other than a customer, and her lack of fluency in Japanese prevents her from understanding him. Will Kamijou manage to woo Xianglan, or is he forever fated to fail?

Synopsis: The lead character, Jimmy (Katsuya Oonishi) is an art student at Bara-Gaku ('Bara Juuji Gakuin'; Rose-Cross Academy). When he was little, he almost drowned, but was saved by a tattoo artist. From that day, Jimmy vowed to become a tattoo artist (because tattoos signify 'a hero' to him). Jimmy's a decent person by nature, but because of the people he hangs out with, he's considered a delinquent. Banko, his partner-in-crime, is a shrewd kid; he sells information on the popular girls (phone numbers, likes and dislikes, etc) in the area. Despite the delinquent exterior, Banko is actually really smart and has broad general knowledge. As the story progresses, Jimmy and Banko meet new people and they form a gang of their own; along the way they bump heads with other gangs from other schools/districts. This manga is not the typical highschool-slice-of-life story; it's got a rougher edge! This manga depicts some high school delinquents trying to get through high school life and gang fights. Okay no, mostly just gang fights.


Manga [as of Dec 5, 2010]

[c]= Completed. Meaning I own ALL of the series.
.hack//LINK [vol 1&2]
Ace Attorney [v.1&2][c]
Afterschool Nightmare [v.1-4]
Aishiteruze Baby [v.1-4]
Alice in the Land of Hearts [v.1&2]
Angelic Layer [v.1]
Arisa [v.1]
Black Bird [v.1-5]
Black Cat [v.1&2]
Black Gate [omnibus= vol.1-3][c]
Black God [v.1]
Blank Slate [v.1&2][c]
Bleach [v.1-20]
Bokurano [v.1]
Bunny Drop [v.1]
Butterflies, Flowers [V.1-4]
Card Captor Sakura [v.1]
CCS Master of the Clow [v.1&2]
Chi's Sweet Home [v.1]
Chobits [omnibus 1&2][c]
Clover [c]
Cross [v.1]
Crown of Love [vol.1-3]
Deadman Wonderland [v.1& 2]
DNAngel [v.1-13]
Dramacon [v.1-3][c]
Dogs: Bullets and Carnage [v.1-4]
Dorothy of Oz [v.1- 4]
Dragon Drive [v.1-14][c]
Eden [v.1&2]
Fall in Love Like a Comic [v.1 &2][c]
Flower in a Storm [v.1& 2][c]
Fruits Basket [v.1-23][c]
Full Moon [v.1-3]
Future Diary [v.1&2]
GA [v.1&2]
Gentlemen's Alliance Cross [v.1-11][c]
Hanako and the Terror of Allegory [v.1&2]
Hayate the Combat Butler [v.1&2]
Honey and Clover [v.1-3]
Hot Gimmick [omnibus 1-4][c]
Kedamano Demono [v.1-3]
Karakuri Odette [v.2&3]
Kimi ni Todoke [v.1-4]
i am here! [omnibus 1= vol.1-3]
Kingdom Hearts [v.1-4][c]
Kingdom Hearts II [v.1& 2][c]
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories [v.1]
Kingyo Used Books [v.1 &2]
Kitchen Princess [v.1-10][c]
Kobato [vol. 1&2]
Kodocha [vol.1-10][c]
Konkon Kokon [v.1]
Kurogane Communication [v.1]
Lizard Prince [v.1&2][c]
Magic Knight Rayearth [v.1]
March Story [v.1]
Me and My Brothers [v.1-8]
Meru Puri [v.1&2]
Millennium Snow [v.1&2][c]
Maoh [v.1]
Megaman NT Warrior [v.1]
Nana [v.1-3]
Neko Ramen [v.1]
NGE Campus Apocalypse [v.1]
Ooku [v.1-3]
Otomen [v.1- 8]
Ourian High School Host Club [v.1-3]
Panic x Panic [v.1]
Paradise Kiss [v.1]
Phantom Dream [v.1-5][c]
Pink Innocent [v.1]
Pita Ten [v.1-8][c]
Pixie Pop [v.1-3][c]
Planet Ladder [v.1-3]
Princess Ai [v.1-3][c]
Princess Ai: Prism of Midnight Dawn [v.1&2]
Qwaser of the Stigmata [v.1]
Rave Master [v.1-4]
RE:Play [v.1-3][c]
Rozen Maiden [v.1&2]
Samurai Deeper Kyo [v.1]
Songs to Make You Smile [c]
Special A [v.1&2]
Sgt. Frog [omnibus 1= vol.1-3]
Stepping on Roses [V.1-3]
Solanin [c]
Trigun [v.1]
Tokyo Mew Mew [v.1-7][c]
Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode [v.1&2][c]
Tsubasa Those With Wings [v.1-3][c]
Vampire Game [v.1]
What a Wonderful World [v.1&2][c]
Wild Ones [v.1-10][c]
Wolf's Rain [v.1 &2][c]
Yotsuba&! [v.1-3]

Total 342 volumes