[Life Post] An Akia Update [#2]

Most of my grades are up to my parents standards. My parents like me to have at least a 75 in all my classes, so when any fall below that standard I know I'm grounded from the computer (which I am for about two weeks more if things go as planned). What this means is I can only use the computer at home for school related stuff.... so I type blogs at school and work on I-studios JA NE magazine during my free time at school. Right now, my Anatomy/Physiology grade is a 52. I went to my first day of tutoring for this class last thursday and I seem to know a good amount of what I need to for my next major Anatomy/Physiology test. So, there's huge hope on that front! As far as other classes are concerned, I have a least 78s in all of those. What I would realy like is to have 85s and above, but some of my classes are not only hard but almost too hard. Ok, I lie. Ha ha. I have an Economics presentation tommorrow on my version of the United States federal budget (this means I get to create a budget, but I have to explain why I choose to allocated the US's money like I choose to) and a current events presentation for my Dual Credit Government class tommorrow. As far as Art is concerned, I'm suppose to be working on a pastel self portrait of myself and another one of the person who sits in front of my... I'm not liking this assignment! I'm probably going to start my portrait over or quickly finish so I can start the other one I have to do. *sigh* In English, I just turned in an in class analysis last friday and am going to start a compare and contrast paper soon. I'm hoping my teacher lets me do it on Edward and Jacob from the Twilight because I know I can write a really good paper on that series. Not much is being done in Pre-cal other than learning new ways to solve problems.

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