[Anime] I'm currently (re)watching... [#1]

Paradise Kiss
[12 Episodes]

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I'm the type who adores short anime because they get to the point without adding in much useless 'fluff'... yet with Paradise Kiss I really wish there was more episodes because the ending wasn't very satisfying! I'm not saying that the anime was bad or anything like that, it's just the anime ended on somewhat of a bad note. *sigh* I can't really describe to you what I'm getting at but I can tell you this anime is a prime example of what short animes should be like (just ignore the stupid last episode so you can make your own ending). It's such a good example, I'm always finding new details within it when I'm re-watching it like I am now. I highly reccomend this anime to several types of people, but if you're the typical otaku who does not like the odd nor different anime, Paradise Kiss is one you should stay away from. I love odd anime. Something about anime that doesn't follow the norm -that takes thought- is appealing to me more so than the typical otaku drawing anime (though, I happen to like those anime too).

H20: Footprints in the Sand
[12 Episodes]
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In all honesty, I have yet to find what is suppose to be good about this anime (I've only watched episodes 1-5)! I downloaded all 12 episodes because of the type of anime this is- visual novel bassed. I've had excellent luck with anime of this type because all the ones I've seen are some of the best anime I've seen to this day (Air, Kanon, Clannad, Ef: A Tale of Melodies), yet H20 has yet to prove itself! ... I'll watch all of it, but as of now I'm pretty sure I'm bound for dissapointed or to be completly blown away.
Doujin Work
[12 Episodes]
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While watching this last year (or has it been 2 years since it came out in japan?), I found myself lauhging all the dang time! This anime is by far the most comedic I've seen to date. None of the fall 2008 anime have proven to be as funny as this! I'll be posting a review after I finish rewatching it, but please don't wait untill then to go watch it =D

Tommorrow (or pretty soon) I'll be starting....
Solty Rei!
[26 Episodes]

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