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Hearts: as an adaptation, this movie gets 3 but taking into consideration the use of what the director/crew had, this movie deserves 4.5 billion =]

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When I walked out of my second viewing of Twilight, I was greeted by cloudy (and windy/rainy) wether which allowed the mood from Twilight to linger on the way home =D

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Here are a few points you should know before diving into my review of the movie Twilight:

1] I am a Twi-hard. I belive I am the true kind of Twi-hard; not the love stricken Edward Cullen fan girl. *prepares to be hit* Let me explain! I am on Team Jacob *prepares to be thrown across the room*... and I believe that by being Team Jacob I have paid more attention to the books (and enjoyed/understood) than most Twi-hards. If you want my full explination, leave a comment and I'll post a blog entry about it, just for you (and anyone else who will read it). By the way, my favorite books in the series are (in this order) New Moon and Breaking Dawn. I'm surprized I even continued with the story considering how hard it was for me to get into the first book... yet I did. I'm completly glad that I read the first book and continued to read the series because of how amazing New Moon is and always will be. I'm not a Twi-hard who has to have everything Twilight related (but I do have both soundtracks for the movie and the movie companion which is amazing. go get all three of those iteams)... but I do dream of Twilight on occasion and the Twilight series is one of the series that has gotten me to start writting epic YA novels. That's about it for that little rant >.<

2] I went into the movie this time to pay attention to details. Like many before me, this movie was even better the second time around. I don't know why, it just is. And I'm glad because this means the movie has a very high rewatch value.

I know that most self proclaimed fans of Twilight have seen this movie about 40 times, but I have only seen it twice (today was my second time). This is just one of those movies that can't been seen a million and one times because it will get old (and I do know the reason that Twilight had made over $211,748,631 is because fans have gone to see it 40+ times); it will get old fast. Don't get me wrong! I'm not saying "don't go watch this movie a million times"! I'm saying that I would not go see it a million times because I want the movie to stay as magical as it is. I remember back in my childhood days I watched a movie called The Little Vampire about 6 times in one day. I still have no idea why I was able to do that... yet I did. In the end, the movie lost about 75% of it's emidiate magical value. I could probably watch it now and feel the magic, but back then I would not have. That's what I got from watching the movie too many times in one day. Then again, that's just how I am =D

The Meadow Scene [2/5 hearts]- First off, when Edward (Pattison) and Bella (Stewart) were walking towards the forest, I had a bad feeling in my gut. In the book, Edward and Bella take a hike to the meadow then Edward reveals his diamond like skin. In the movie, Bella all of a sudden starts walking towards the forest all the while being followed by Edward. The first time I saw the movie, I thought that maybe she said "follow me" but during my second viewing of the movie I saw no lip movement- so that theory was trashed. Considering that Edward could not read her mind, I pretty much tried to leave this scene alone... then the reveal came up. I have to agree with a lot of Twilighters who said that his shimmer looked more like persperation- if persperation looked like rainbows (because that's my interpritation of the 'shimmer'). There are, in fact, several parts of this scene I did like a lot. When Edward was trying to scare Bella, I gasped in amazement. Even though this wasn't exactly in the book, it fit really well in the movie and gave non readers of the book the feeling that the book gives of how Edward sees himself and how Bella does not see Edward as a killer. I also love how Edward's face looked throughout this scene because I could see the fear and anger Edward must have felt. As a reader of the book, I went in to my first viewing of the movie doubting that Pattison could pull off Edward's movements and facial expressions (I was too busy sqealing during my first viewing to really pay attention to his face), but he most definantly did and I commend him for that whole heartidly.

The Baseball Scene [5 million/5 hearts]- This is still my favorite scene from the movie. Not only was it well done, this is one of those scenes you have to see rather than read in the book. Alice's pitching was fantastic to watch, as well as Rosalie's batting and Edward's running. This is one part of the movie that has excellent pacing and music. Most of the movie seemed choppy, but this scene pretty much redeemed the movie while setting up for the last few scenes.

The Ballet/Fight Scene [4/5 Hearts]- I have to admit, this is my second favorite scene from the movie... despite the obvious wire works. This is another scene that has to be seen rather than read. This was also a scene where non readers of Twilight could get a feel for who Edward cullen is and how he thinks. I loved Bella's reaction to the venom that began pulsating through her blood (gets me excited for how she will react in the Breaking Dawn movie if it is ever made). Pacing in this scene was a little awkward and the wire works were way too obvious just like most scenes from the movie that involved wires. Those are the only reasons why this scene gets 4 instead of 5 hearts.

Overall, the Twilight adaptation was a nice breath of fresh air from many movies out there in our world. Not only was the movie heavy on natural scenes rather than sound stages, the music was placed really well and the movie has one of the best casts I've seen in a while. <3

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