[GashaponR] Sailor Venus (star wand) [S.M.Wands Gashapon Can Set 2]

This review is way over due! I actually posted about buying this wand about 3 weeks ago with every intention to post up a review, but due to life I just never got the chance to sit down long enough to write up my opinions. Sorry for this and I hope the wait wasn't too much. To make up for it I'm not only going to be giving away a spare I have of this wand (I was given a spare due to a shipping flaw where 4 of the same wand were sent) but I'll also be trying to find a few other goodies to be given away. In order to win this wand read the details at the bottom of this post, as for the other goodies I'll be posting that give away up on a different post before June is over.

I've always been a big fan of Sailor Venus. She's just in my opinion the perfect scout. I don't think this opinion of mine is clouded by the fact that Venus is my ruling planet based on my birth day, but because Minako herself is just a well balanced yet believable character. She was doing the whole scout thing on her own before any of the others including Sailor Moon herself was discovered, has a fantastic personality, a really good head on her shoulders, can be a "background leader", doesn't have to be part of a team but does a good job of being part, and best of all just looks so pretty! I can see why the other scouts as well as Luna thought she was suppose to be Princess Serenity in Earth form.


The wand arrives in a "can" of sorts that opens in half to reveal a 6 pocket pouch that contains the various pieces for the wand. The creates a do it yourself type of assembly which makes the wand feel like it is your own because you had to take the time to piece it together. It was very easy to put together! The can also comes with an insert that shows the other wands in the series (2 for Sailor Moon and one for Sailor Jupiter). At the bottom of the insert is also directions on how to assemble the wand. I'll go a little more into this in a bit.

 Here's a comparison shot of the wand by the can. 
The can itself is a matte pink, where as the first set
was a more shiny pink. I actually like this matte
version more.

Assembling the wand can be done in pretty much any order you want but I started with the fake nail polish which is made with a plastic bottle and sand. You can't really take off the top... I actually ended up breaking it a bit because I was curious but it still looks good on display. The star is a ring you place over the nail polish cap.

The wand itself is just two pieces, which is nice because it makes this piece of merch look more professional than something that had to be painted. It snaps together nicely and can just as easily be taken apart for storage 

~~~Various Pics & Thoughts~~~
 As you can see from the far right image I cracked the nailpolish top on one side when trying to see if it would open >.> terrible idea. If you end up buying this or winning the one I'm giving away please do not attempt to take the top off. Also as you can see the ring has an interesting back that is screwed on. The ring only fits my pinky and has that cheap play jewlery feel to it so I personally will just be keeping it on the wand for display. Other than that the material for the wand is really nice and feels wonderful in hand. While the nail polish does not snap on the top piece it does stay in place pretty well even when moving the wand side to side. I'm not too sure if it is anime accurate size, but it looks really nice in person and if I had a transformation wand in real life this would be a good size.

Overall I am really happy with this item. I got it for a nice price at Robo Gato which is a local anime/ Gundam shop I've been going to for many years now. If you're looking for new Sailor Moon merch defiantly check that place out. He's almost always current with releases and takes deposits if you'd like to reserve items so they don't sell out on you (this has happened to me several times but he has been able to get re-releases so if something does sell out on you don't hesitate to ask if the shop is able to get more). This is mainly if you live in El Paso or Las Cruces though >.<

Now I bet you've either read this review or skipped to the end wanting to win your very own Sailor Venus star transformation wand. Welcome either way to the rules ;P
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I'll be posting the winner on my Facebook page around the end of June and I will email you if you won. I'll also handle the cost of shipping if it's not someone local to me who wins. I may even throw in a surprise goodie for the winner. Best of luck <3 br="">