[Movie] New Moon Bite [#5] Twi-articles

Hello all you Twilighters aka 'Twi-hards' out there! There's no real news reguarding the New Moon movie, so I've decided to post links to some interesting Twilight related articles that surfaced over the past week or so:
'The 12 Days of Twilight' is an online series of videos, interviews and other Twilight goodies given by Teen Mag on a twelve day basis. Today (meaning, as I post it) 11 days are up! Be sure to click back tommorrow for day 12 =]
An MTV interview with the man who is signed on to play Carlisle Cullen for at least the two sequels that follow Twilight- New Moon and Eclipse. He talks about opening weekend for Twilight and a bit about New Moon.
Twilight Merch. (Hot Topic)
Currently Hot Topic has these Twilight iteams (and since they are currently the official carrier of Twilight movie merch, you should probably get them while Hot Topic still has them): Twilight Afraid Hoodie [and Tee], Twilight Alice Tee, Twilight Bad Guy Poster [Edward Cullen with 'What if I'm the Bad Guy?' quote], Twilight Bad Vamps Slim-fit T-shirt, Twilight Bad Vamps Tee, and much more!
For other articles and news, be sure to visit Edward's Meadow and Twilight Source... or even the Twilight Lexicon or His Golden Eyes =D

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