Spring 2011 (Akia's lists)

Plan to Watch:
Electromagnet Wave Women & Adolescent Man
The World God Only Knows 2
A Bridge to the Starry Skies

Might Watch:
Everyday Life
Ano Hana
Tiger & Bunny
Hanasaku Iroha
A Channel
Abnormal Physiology Seminar
Pretty Rhythm Aroura Dream

Almost certain Not Watching/ Just NO!**:
Tea for Universe, Tea For Life
Showa Era Story
Maria Holic II
World's First Love
Lotte's Toy
Health and Physical Education for 30yr Olds
Tono to Issho II
Dororon Enma-kun
Put it All in the Ring
Yugioh Zexal
Cardboard War Chronicles

** Typically if something is a second season and it's on this list... It doesn't mean I'll never watch it but more so I haven't finished the first season. Most of the time something with a second season is worth trying.


Coming soon to Reader//Watcher Girl

Figure reviews:
Figma Metis
Nendroid Luka
Nendroid Puchi Fate/Stay Night (3 different Sabers)
Revoltech Rin Tohsaka
Revoltech Yuki Nagato Witch ver.
Figma Mari
+ others

Anime Good/Misc Reviws:
Miku pillow
Ellis pillow case
Strawberry plush cell phone strap
+ more

Game Reviews:
Lux-Pain (DS- visual novel)
Deathsmiles (Xbox 360- shmup)
DJ Max Fever (PSP- music rhythmic)
Fate/ Unlimited Codes (PSP- fighting game)
+ more

Basically I'll be doing a lot of reviews! I'm also going to be making more Gunpla videos. First up is a box opening, lets build and review of the 1/100 no scale Gundam Exia. Also, many of these reviews will have videos to go with them or may be just videos. I also plan to start using my figures for pictures of what I do in every day life like a lot of figure owners do. :D