[Movie] New Moon Bite [#8] Chris Weitz!?

1] Chris Weitz is now the official New Moon director according to Summit and Stephenie Meyer.
2] Taylor Lautner may not be returing to the screen as Jacob Black for New Moon. This is still a rumor, not yet confirmed by Meyer nor Summit Entertainment.
According to MTV, Michael Copon just may be replacing Lautner... or at least he's trying to.
Here are some old-ish articles from around the web that I think are relevent to the news posted above:
3] Peter Facinelli Excited to play Carlisle Cullen in New Moon [Link]
According to MTV, Peter Facinelli will be returning as Carlisle Cullen in the movie adaptation of New Moon. Or at least the articles title suggests he will keep the role of Mr. Cullen.
4] 'Twilight' Star Kellan Lutz Looks Forward To Emmett's 'New Moon' One-Liners
Again, according to MTV Kellan Lutz will be returning as the lovable Emmett Cullen for New Moon. As with Facinelli, I have yet to find any official confermation from Summit on the interwebs other than that Kristin Stewart and Robbert Pattison will return as their parts. *sigh*

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