[Life Post] An Akia Update [#12]

[235 days 'till AWA15] [can it please be September already?]
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Today, I went job hunting (seems like I go job hunting at least twice a week these days) at the Cielo Vista Mall. I ended up applying at JCPenny (that particular application came out red, which means I did not qualify for the position I applied for), Sears and when I got home, Old Navy. I was going to apply at Hollywood Video again but decided not to. I now have open applications at Dairy Queen, Waterburger, Old Navy, Gamestop and Sears. Maybe I'll apply somewhere else on tuesday when I go to check up on DQ and Waterburger. Hmmm.
Rumbling Hearts
I watched the first 2 DVDs (episodes 1-10) of the first season of the Rumbling Hearts (Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ) english dub that was released by FUNimation. So far, this anime is getting on my nerves!! Ahhh >.<
You can watch this anime for free on the FUNimation [youtube] and [videos] section of the site =]
*sticks tounge out at you* =p bleehh
As from now on, this is my random space... though I'm sure most of these entries are pretty random already. Cheese =B haha. I recieved the March 2009 issue of Shonen Jump in the mail today. SJ is an ok manga magazine that mostly has action-packed manga aimed at boys (I'm sure tons of girls read it too)- you know, the typical type of manga you find in Jump magazines from Japan. There's a new series in the issue, so go buy it!! Or, better yet, get a subscription like I did. Well, I've had one for almost 5 years now. I'm waiting for my first subscribed issue of Yen+ to come in the mail. It better be the Febuary 2009 issue or I'll be upset (I'll probably go buy the Feb. 09 issue at Barnes and Nobles)!!


[Life Post] An Akia Update [#11]

[236 days 'till AWA] [can it please be September already?]
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[currently reading: The Hunger Games]
[currently watching: Rumbling Hearts DVD 1&2]

Maybe I'll start posting these updates daily (even though I'm pretty sure my life is not eventfull enough for that. Especially on mondays. lol) because I seem to like blogging about my dorky-tastic self! Wooo~! Read on, read on. Dorks rule, and you know it. OH! What have I been called recently? *thinks* My sister said I'm a pervert (but, she does not know what a hard core perv is, so I did not take offence) because I watch anime with sex (no, not hentai! Anime such as Rumbling Hearts. ok?) and perverted people (she's the one watching Clannad!). Shane Angel Fire (from I-studios and DCA) called me a geek instead of a nerd. This is his reasoning, nerds are creepy and geeks aren't. For some reason, that made my day (when ever that day was. All I know is it happened some time this week during a Skype chat).
New Reviews:
Not all of my reviews are posted on this blog, just in case you did not know. Some of my movie reviews will be posted on the DCA blog from now on. My book reviews are going to be posted on my "What is Akia Watching and Reading!?" blog. Some of my anime reviews (maybe some manga) will be posted on the I-studios blog. Please be sure to follow, or subscribe to the RSS feeds, all of those blogs =]
Today I...
Didn't do too much. I went to school: 1st(pre-cal) polynomial quiz; 2nd(drawing II) finished scratch board project; 3rd(d.c. texas politics 2306) some notes;4th(anatomy/physiology) review game for joints; 5th(d.c. reacurch and development 1302) learned abour paraphrasing poems. Went home, and then went to see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. I ate during the day, read like a page of The Hunger Games and went on the computer (mostly to blogggggg like crazeh).
Wow, what a productive day Akia had. >:D haaaaaaaa. ya, right.
*sticks tounge out at you* =p bleehh
Soooooo, I want to go to this years Anime Weekend in Atlanta. Ok, maybe not everything I post here will be random. SO WHUT =[ Man, capitals make it look I yelling at chu. WHAT, PUNK >:D haha
I have a goal of finishing The Hunger Games by the end of next week. Think I can do it? I'm not too sure! lol. My sister said she wasn't going to watch anymore of the Rumbling Hearts anime because there is sex (if she's a real anime fan, TV-14 rated sex would not make her stop watching an anime *sigh*). My dad was recently given a wireless internet adaptor for the X-box 360 and a year of X-box live. Yep. Um... I really wanted to eat some pizza today but I'm on the Jenny Craig program, so I wan't allowed (my sister sarah got a pizza with no cheese because she is now a veggan).
Toy Food =D
This video is by the person behind the Potter Puppet Pals phenomina
It's about... fake food that you can not eat >:o


[Life Post] An Akia Update [#10]

[237 days 'till AWA] [$137/ $1500]
[Currently reading: The Hunger Games]

Soooo, as you can see in the corner there is a number and AWA. The number is how many days untill Anime Weekend in Atlanta number 15 which is being held on September 18-20, 2009 [link]! The number beside that is the amount I have towards my goal amount for the trip (includes registration fee, hotel, roundtrip plane ticket, meals, cosplay money, con goodies money and whatever else I may need on my trip that's to be purchased in Atlanta). If you're going to this convention, let me know =D The links under that are other ways you can keep in touch with me.
I-studios: Now that articles for the January 2009 issue of JA NE are edited and turned in, I'm going to be working on my version of the I-studios logo girl-of-awsome (Shane Angel Fire of DCA made the original). She has violet hair, which happens to be one of my favorite colors. I'll also be working on the Febuary 2009 issue of JA NE and any reviews that come up. As always, I will be running the blog and twitter account.
Visit I-studios: [main][twitter][blog][youtube]
Teh Senior year: Hmm... well, I have a new-ish schedule now. Instead of having first period off, I have 6th which means I get out of school at around 2:07pm (instead of 3:45pm b/c I have neither a 6th nor 7th period). I had Economics last semester, this semester that is replaced with Pre-cal (I used to have pre-cal 6th period with a different teacher). My scehdule is as follows: 1st Pre-cal B, 2nd Drawing II B, 3rd Dual Credit Texas Politics, 4th Anatomy/Physiology B, 5th Dual Credit English (reasurch/devolopment) 1302. Today I: (Pre-cal) started working on some math problems that involve de-foiling polymonials, finding zeros and some other math related to polynomials. There's a quiz tommorrow and I have yet to finish the 30 or so problems that are due tommorrow. (drawing II) Worked some more on something called a scratch board. I'm pretty sure I will have finished it by the end of class tommorrow. (d.c. government) Commented on some visuals for chapter one of Texas Politics. Was boring, but the sub we had for class had some nice stories to tell. (anatomy) Worked on different types of movements caused by muscles like flexion and insertion. (d.c. english) Answered/ presented some questions to the class about a poem that was on the subject of death.
Teh Job (status: on teh hunt): Yup, looking for a job. Mainly to earn money for AWA. I currently have applications at Dairy Queen, Waterburger and Wallgreens. Wallgreens is not currently hiring, but I do have an online application which will be up for 6 months (I originally put in the application because one of the employees at the Walgreens close to me said that they were hiring). I'm going to submit a new Hollywood Video application online. Um... and I think my Gamestop application is still at Gamestop since I haven't seen any new people working at Gamestop. Looking for a job sucks =[


[Life Post] An Akia Update [#9]

I'm such a nerd =p

An Akia V-log [#15]

[Anime Review] Beck: Monogolian Chop Squad

My Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad review can be found here on the Itadakimasu Studios blog =D