[Winter 2009 Anime] Some PVs and Stuff

This is the January 2009 anime line-up video I made. If you would like to keep up to date with the latest trailers/previews (and line-up videos), be sure to check out my new youtube account dedicated just to those sort of videos. I will never upload actual episodes, so please don't ask me to =]

This is the Kurokami (Black God) trailer!

This is the Akikan preview!

This is the Maria Holic preview!

And finally, here is the Minamike Okaeri preview!


[Anime] Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad & some reviews I want to do (posted mobily via PSP)

This anime is pretty awsome!
I remember the days when it was hard to get this anime shipped on the Blockbuster online program due to its popularity.

I'll be posting a review once I've seen all of the episodes.
That reminds me, I want to post reviews of Dennou Coil, Wolfs Rain, DNAngel, .hack//Sign, Angelic Layer, Ultra Maniac and others. Also Batman: Gotham Knight.


Happy 2009 <3

Yay! The craptastic 2008 is finally over!
2008 was not my best year, nor was it my worst.
BUT I'm glad it's over =D



I don't really know why, but I decided to register a new account on kiddonet.com >.<
I remember when I was a kid my user name was camel something, but I can't seem to remember it.
If you would like to see my kiddonet homepage, go here.
At the moment, there isn't much to it =D

[Anime][Manga][Novels] Mushi-uta

The Mushi-uta anime is bassed off of a series of light novels by the same name penned by Kyouhei Iwai and illustrated by Ruroo. Currently there are 17 volumes of the light novel (this is bassed off of todays date, meaning that on today 17 volumes are released) and one season of the anime which spans all of 12 episodes. There is also a 2 volume manga that was released back in 2007. An announcement was made back in September of 2007 that a second season would be made of the anime; let's hope this is true because the first season ended on a sour note!!

[From Wikipedia] Mushi-Uta's story takes place in the near future. Ten years before the story's opening, strange insect-like creatures known as "Mushi" began appearing. The Mushi are able to consume peoples' dreams and thoughts in return for supernatural powers. At the end of episode one, protagonist Daisuke "Kakkō" Kusuriya encounters a young girl named Shiika Anmoto. The two, in time, become quite close. However, unbeknownst to Kakkō, Shiika is an escapee from a secret prison known as GARDEN where those possessed by the Mushi, known as the Mushitsuki, are held. GARDEN's military force, the Special Environmental Conservation Executive Office, dispatches its finest killer to track down Shiika. However, they are faced with resistance from the Mushibane resistance organisation, led by the secretive "Ladybird".

I don't really feel like posting a review for this right now because it's been over a year since I've watched the anime for Mushi-uta (and I reallllyyyyy want to read the ligth novels and the 2 volume manga). Eventually, once I've figured out how to get my hands on this anime, I will probably post a review. I will say please don't let my lack of a review keep you from watching the anime because what I remember from it wants me to make sure that I tell you to go watch the anime ASAP because I remember it being very well made.

[Life Post] R sqrd (posted mobily via PSP)

On the way to the craft store I started talking about movies being released in '09 as well as movie Rumors. Apparently a lot of what I said has left my lips before. This resulted in my new nickname 'R sqrd' aka 'randomly repeating' >:D


[Movie] TCCO Benjamin Button

Time for that review of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button that I :sort of: promised!
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
[original motion picture review]
Hearts: 5 out of 5 <3

Here's an FYI, this movie is an adaptation of a short story F.Scott Fitzgerald (of The Great Gatsby fame) penned. I did not know this going into Bratt Pitt's newest tear jerker (anyone see Meet Joe Black?), and I'm sure it would not have made a difference because either way, adaptation or not, this is an excellent movie that is touching as well as witty. This movie premiered on Christmas day, just in case you were wondering =D

The premise for this movie may sound very odd- a baby is born with the apperance, and smarts, of an old man but still posseses a child like innoccence that can't seemed to be matched. At an early age, Benjamin has his first drink and goes into a brothel only to impress the women he encounters. Later on he ends up as a seamen only to encounter first hand the devistation of war.

I found this movie to have as much spark as it did because of the aging process used on both Benjamin (Pitt) and his love interest Daisy (Blanchett). My family and I (minus one member) discussed the film afterwards. I ended up saying "This movie does long right. I felt like the movie was longer than 2 hours and 45 minuets, which in this case was brilliant. I felt like I had gone through the entire life of Benjamin, not just some small portions like other movies have made me feel." I would say that to anyone who asked me, because I'm usually not one for really long movies (I like the Lord of the Ring movies, but I don't plan on watching them a bunch more in my life but I can see myself watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button over and over again).

This movie lacks nothing; it has everything any smart movie goer would want from a movie: comedy, drama, romance, excellent character development, a brilliant sound track as well as effects. The effects are a highlight of this movie. They are hardly noticible (this is the main reason this movie was painfully good- Pitt was aged very slowly. I found myself a little jumpy while waiting for him to look younger) and extremely well done on both characters (and supporting/ other major character) parts. The story, I don't want to say much about it because it is amazing beyond words; one that needs to be experienced, not told about.

Go watch this movie RIGHT NOW >:D


[I-studios] Reviewwsss [#1]

Here's a list of the reviews I'll be part of tommorrow. I'm not sure when they'll be posted on the I-studio website, but keep checking here for them. I'll post a 'lil blog informing you when they (or even if only some of them) are up, so keep checking my blog also >:D
Hakushaku to Yousei (aka Earl and Fairy)
HTY is bassed on a series of light novels by the same name. The anime is released by Artland, who isn't known for the best anime released in Japan and state side. Be sure to click on the links for more info. The title gives away a little bit of what this series is about, which is that an earl seeks out a fairy (ok, fairy doctor) for help.
Michiko to Hatchin (aka Michiko & Hatchin)
Released by Manglobe as an orginal series (meaning it is not an adaptation of a manga, light novel nor video game/visual novel) about an escaped prisoner and the kid she believes is the child of her lover.
Kuroshitsuji (aka Black Butler)
Bassed on a manga series by the same name. Released by A1-Pictures. Follows the story of butler who serves the pre-teen of a noble family... but this butler has a secret.
1/2 Prince
Bitter Virgin
Boku ni Natta Watashi
Deadman Wonderland
Desire Climax *
Hoshi wa Utau (aka Twinkling Stars)
0_0 :means I've read the entire series as I post this blog entry.

Antipated Movies for 2009

If you haven't checked it out yet, head over to Fandango's most anticipated movies of 2009 page over here! New Moon is listed as #2 for women and #10 for men. Hmm... interesting.

Since I've pretty much become a movie nut over the past two months or so, I've decided to make my own list!! If you agree (or even dissagree) with my choices, let me know in the comments. I tend to respond to all of my comments no matter which site I'm on. This list is in a particular order BUT that order might change before the New Year =]

1. Harry Potter: The Half-Blood Prince [July 17]

I'm looking forward to this movie because of the awsome trailer that was released with Twilight. I recently saw the new Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince trailer on it's official site, but the one that premiered with Twilight is the one that has given this movie in the HP franchise it's #1 spot under the adaptation category despite many furious fans with how supposidly bad the first five adaptations have been. I beg to differ =D

2. New Moon [November 21]: New Moon recieves the second spot because of my status as a Twilighter. If you would like to read Twi-universe the way that I post it, head over here.

3. Watchmen [March 6]: I originally was going to give this movie the #1 spot but decided that I anticipate this movie a little less (and by little I mean a very miniscule amount!) than the first two listed. I recently found out this movie has recieved an R rating which will probably make this my first R rated movie viewing in a theater. I still plan to buy the comic... even though the omnibus editions are EXPENSIVE =0

Others I want to see that did not make top 5: Inkheart [1/23], Coraline [2/6], Race to Witch Mountain [3/13], Dragonball Evolution [4/8], X-men Origins: Wolverine [5/1], Star Trek [5/8], Angels and Demons [5/15], Terminator Salvation [5/22], Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen [6/26], Astro Boy [10/23], Avatar [12/8]

I'm going to pick three from these categories and that's about it. I'm too lazy at the moment to post 'why' paragraphs and I pretty much want to see every movie that is being released as long as it's not horror :D

If you really must know the release dates, go here.

Comedy: Adventureland, Paul Blart- Mall Cop, Bride Wars

Sci-fi/Fantasy: Underworld- Rise of the Lycans, Knowing, 2012