[Art] Winter Holiday 2008 Design Contest

*Takes a deep breath so she does not scream*
I get to enter the 'Winter Holiday 2008' CD design contest!!
I designed a CD cover, but my art teacher who can only pick ten CD covers as well as ten CD designs said that since my CD cover design had to much dead space ( this means too much of an area that is white or 'empty') that she felt it best not to enter it. I'm perfectly ok with that because even I felt like it contained too much dead space.
Theeennnn, I worked on my CD design all day (ok, most of the school day) only to finish it about 15 minuets before typing this blog entry. My teacher said she would enter, thusly sending me to personally give my entry to the teacher who was mailing the package with all the enteries. This is what really made the reality sink in! I've never entered a real design contest before (well, there was that time I sent in a few designs for the Eastwood Anime Club t-shirt... but that didn't even go through), so I'm really excited for this one. If I win, I will get $300 to order really nice art supplies. Do I hear that I'm getting some copic markers in the mail!?

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