[AOW] FMA: Brotherhood & Star of Milos (10/7-13/2012) [#64]

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I remember being excited every Saturday to watch the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime on TV. While that series was not canon (it didn't follow the manga for the most part, especially in regards to how the humunculi were created), it still retained a fairly big following even to this day. I thoroughly enjoyed the original  and was told that it did not compare to the remake, Brotherhood. Brotherhood is a more mature version of the anime; this time being based on the manga (well, more of it than the original was based on). When people say the original doesn't compare, they mean it! There's way more story behind how the humunculi were created, how Ed/Al are tied into this whole alchemy mess and even a whole lot more characters (which for the most part all are like able despite being "good" or "evil"). If you watched the original and like it, I highly suggest giving Brotherhood a watch as well!

Oh, and in regards to the movie (Star of Milos) I haven't seen all of it yet. As of posting this, I'm on episode 48/64 of Brotherhood. After finishing the anime, I plan on giving the second movie a watch but I was told the movie is not canon soooo my hopes aren't as high for it being as good as the anime has been thus far.

Best part about this series is that FUNimation has it streaming (for free and dubbed in English or subbed if you so prefer) online and on Netflix! The only downside to Netflix is only 39 episodes of the 64 are on there (well, at the time of posting this), so you will at some point have to switch to FUNi's website (which is what I had to do).

OH, and last thing! This time around I'm writing the summaries myself (well not the Milos one because I haven't seen the movie). Usually I take them from ANN or Wiki, but I've decided in order to make this articles more personal and cool that making my own summaries is  a good way to do that.

~FMA: Brotherhood~

~FMA: Movie- Sacred Star of Milos~

Type: Manga adaptation
(the movie is a non-canon side story)
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi
# of Episodes: 64 + 4 OVA


~FMA: Brotherhood~
Edward and Alphonse Elric are two brothers who were seemingly abandoned as children. One day their mother passes away from an incurable disease  Stricken with grief and loneliness, the two boys perform a taboo in the alchemy world known as human transmutation; in the process Edward lost an arm and leg while his brother Alphonse lost his entire body. In order to gain their bodies back, Edward becomes a state alchemist in order to find out how to make a philosophers stone. What the boys don't know is making such a stone could cost them more than they would ever know....

~FMA: Sacred Star of Milos~