What Akia Cares About [#3] full of AWSOME!

The animation style reminds me of DeadLeaves and FLCL... so this means TOTAL WIN and AWSOME! The story is pretty interesting as well. I have a feeling this will be a very interesting anime (I'm not too sure if it's a series or a movie at the moment).
[plot- The destiny of Tomoe Shiro, a formidable racer with a very promising career, experiments an U-turn when a serious accident puts his life at stake. He recovers miraculously , though, when his heart is replaced with the engine of his own racing car. However, because of that very reason, race regulations demote him to the category of a mere mechanical part of the vehicle and is deprived from the right to participate as a pilot in regular races. Only in a far away colonial planet, along with a multitude of other charismatic pilots also vetoed from participating in regular competitions, he will be given the opportunity to race for his pride and the money of the prize. And so this exciting rally starts!! (ann)]
~Some Anime News~
This news may be old to people (and most of it I've known about)...
but I tend to not blog a lot about 'anime news'. Haha.
Fairy Tale: Anime based on a manga of the same name (currently published in English by Del Rey) drawn by the same manga-ka as Rave Master. I'm a huge fan of the Rave Master anime (even the crappy English dub) so I'm excited for this anime which will start running October 2009.
Miracle Train ~Ōedo-sen e Yōkoso~: Not much is known about this anime other than it's begins running in October 2009. The characters are going to be the moe male type... so I may not like it (even though I love 07-Ghost).
Fate/Stay Night movie: All that is known is the movie is being "released soon" [link].
Eden of the East (compilation): If you've seen the 11 episode anime like I have, there will be no need to watch the compilaton which is being released September 26th in Tokyo theatres before the first of the two movies.
Summer Wars (film): The film is by the same company as The Girl Who Lept Through Time... soooo, if it's any where as amazing I'm excited. Set for released August 1st 2009 in Tokyo theatres.


Sgt. Frog dub ep1&2

"Yeah! I shall love your heart and keep it in the fridge." ~ep.2
"Cow flesh of love!!" ~ep.2
"I'm awsome too! I know because I ordered Paul to tell me!" ~ep.2
"Frog-tard." ~ep.2
"Why don't you know when to die!?" ~ep.2
"Gerogerogero...." ~ep.1
This is one of those anime that is just plain weird. Actually, this one is on the REALLY WEIRD level with shows such as Bobobobobo (ignore my lack of knowing how many "Bo"s there should be). Then again, weird shows like that do tend to have some funny moments... but I just can't seem to get into this show like I can others. Don't get me wrong, the manga (well, the three volumes I've read) had me rolling on the floor laughing my booty off but the anime version just isn't that funny even with the same jokes. It may be the gastly english dub, but I tried watching the japanese version and didn't find much more to like. Oh well. I can't like all the anime I attempt to watch :]

FUNimation Got It [#2]

[check] means I want to watch
[ex] means I don't know if I want to

Eden of the East is the image you see above. I've already watched this anime, but I'll probably check it out if FUNi places the dubbed episodes on their video streaming site. I don't plan on buying this, and if the dub isn't as good as the Japanese version I won't watch. [ex]

Casshern SINS is an anime I started watching... but ended up deleting my videos folder along with a lot of anime. I haven't taken the time to re-download this one and I've only seen about 10 of the episodes. [check]


[Life Post]An Akia Update[#21] Daily Blog for 7/29/2009

~The Cell Phone SCARE!~
Today I had decided that I would go job hunting and to check if my high school transcripts had been recieved at EPCC. The only place I really decided to check on for a job was a Best Buy by Eastwood High School that I had seen was hiring this past weekend, but when I got there the 'Now Hiring' sign that had been up was no longer there. This is the second time I've wanted to go check up on a now hiring sign at this particular Best Buy only to wait a few days too long to do so. Next time I see that sign (if I'm still in need of a job) I'm marching into that building and asking asap. ASAP!!
Well, after my hopes and dreams were shattered (ok, over reaction there) I went to EPCC Valley Verde only to find out my transcripts are in... which is a huge relief. My financial-aid eligibility depends on my having an official high school transcript on file. Now I can finish applying for financial-aid and register for school. COLLEGE.... I'm soooo scared >.>
After this, I went to Family Christian to buy my Activate Music Fest ticket (which was $27.... ugh).
After this I decided to go hang at Barnes and Nobles to buy something (which I vowed would be the last thing I ever buy untill I have money saved for college unless it's something I need such as gas). I almost bought an issue of the Twilight magazine that had a New Moon movie teaser poster. I then had the impulse to go to Hot Topic and FYE at the mall for the Jacob Black action figure (of course I didn't find one) but ended up buying the teaser poster for New Moon.
Before getting the poster, I had been texting someone about various things. At one point I had ended up hitting the bathroom only to notice my cell had gone missing. I'm not even kidding about this next part- I was on the verge of tears while tracing back my steps. Couldn't find my phone, so I decided to walk back to my car to see if it was in there. I was praying a very selfish prayer of "please let my cell be in that car." I didn'y say "...and if you do this for me, I'll do this" because for some reason I felt that would be worse than just asking for my phone to be there. When I got to my car, in the cup holder my cell is usually in sat my cell. Not kidding, not even half-kidding. I sat there for a minute, care door wide open and just could not wrap my head around that my cell really was there. Only God could do that.

What Akia Cares About[#2] [Western Comic anime adaptation teasers]

The Wolverine anime adaptation is currently being described as "different" in that it will be a lose rather than direct adaptation of the Western comics. This is very evident in the first teaser that has been released. Not only is the story more Japanese, Wolverine himself has long flowy hair. I couldn't help but laugh at this. The sane story (bout being aimed at a Japanese market) also applies to the Iron-Man adaptation. These teasers premiered at Comicon 2009.

Unlike the first two teasers, Planet Hulk (though being animated by Madhouse studios like the others) isn't really taking the 'anime look' approach because Marvel is aiming this adaptation at the American market. I wonder if this is a good move considering how popular the Gotham Knight (Batman anime adpatation) and Animatrix adaptations were....


[Life Post] An Akia Update [#20]

Today was very interesting in that it was oddly an eye-opener. There was nothing particularly different about my day; not even me paying for my own gas and carwash. I've bought my own gas a couple of times before now, so it's not like I can't pay to keep my tank full. BUT, I keep spending my money (which is only about $70-$100 for two weeks) on books and food... mainly because my mentality is "I can't afford to pay for college with this job anyways. How am I going to afford anything other than books and fast food anyways?" Yet... I end up thinking about how at EPCC classes are only about $250 a pop and I get to live at home 'till next summer only to realize I'm making excuses. Plus, minimum wage is going up a dollar very soon... and Best Buy is hiring. Haha.