[Body Mods] Tongue [day 4] RIP Tongue Piercing

After some not so serious debate (and feeling sick to my stomach) for the past 2 days I decided to get the piercing removed. No, I wasn't in much pain other that a few sharp pulses while apparently laying my tongue wrong while I slept. No, I didn't take it out 'cause my parents freaked or anything like that (they in fact have no say in the issue because I'm an Adult lol). No I didn't take it out only because it was annoying.

I took it out because the metal was making me sick to my stomach and having a tongue piercing will honestly make it hard for me to get a job any where other than a call center (and I do not want to work at another call center). Honestly, I just did not like it.

I'd rather have my lip piercing back. Or to try eyebrow.

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