[Body Mods] Tongue [day 2]

I currently have each ear pierced 3 times and now my tongue. I used to have lip, but I took it out a few months ago due to my body rejecting it.

Ok, so I decided to wanted to record my journey with getting my tongue pierced for future reference if it rejects and for people who may want to know from day to day how I fared.

I got my tongue pierced at Sunland Park Mall at a place called Shield. This is the same place I got my lip pierced earlier in the year (about 6-7 months ago... my lip rejected meaning the hole kept moving almost to wear it was pushed completely out of my lip, so I decided to just take it out). The piercing itself was not painful at all, and the clamp wasn't even all that uncomfortable. Then again, I do have somewhat of a long tongue (I can touch the tip of my nose with it easily) so I probably had a much more comfortable experience in comparison to someone with an average length tongue. I experienced next to no swelling, and next to no pain during day one. I took some pain meds like the piercer had instructed so that was probably why I didn't experience pain. I was able to talk, but with a smallish lisp- and I had a lovely blue mark on my tongue because of the piercer marking my tongue for proper placement.

Now it's the morning of day 2. Pain is minimal but during the night I felt like I had to trow up! BUT this was probably due to the headache I already had and my apartment being really hot. Like, the type of hot where you sweat. I took some more pain meds, and I attempted to eat some yogurt. Swallowing does move the tongue and well this is a bit painful but nothing unbearable. Talking is easy, but it is obvious I have the piercing.

Overall, I haven't experienced that much pain. And I have to say, ears and lip hurt way more!

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