FAL-Con 2013 Promotional Giveaway

A few days ago I was able to announce the Fellow Anime Lovers convention's (aka FAL-Con) official venue, now I want to promote the convention in a way I know many people would appreciate- that would be with a giveaway! This giveaway includes 3 prize packages that each include a little something for you to get signed at the convention by the special guest of your choice (well, except first place because they get 3 items). To win one of these packages is simple:

First- you have to like my r//w[g] fanpage on Facebook.
Second- Like the contest link.
Third- Share the contest link.
Fourth- Comment on the link which prize package you want most to least. For example "I'd love to win that Fal-Con badge, but if I had a second choice it would be for that lovely Sebas-kun pillow!" So that I know that if you don't win first place what other pack would make you happy as well.
Lastly- Please help promote FAL-Con by telling your friends it's going to be at Bassette Center Mall (in the movie theater) from 10am-11pm on Friday May 17th and Saturday May 18th, 2013.

Now I bet your wondering to yourself "what are the prize packages?" Here they are:

For an extra chance to win, feel free to comment on this blog post as well ^_^

I'll be announcing the winners on  May 10th, 2013.


Akane said...

Pillow love <3

luxokamilovekazamamitsukai said...

I want the pillow <3

Mia Ramirez said...

I like the idea of getting things signed but if I did not win that then I like the pillow very much :3

Michael Sigler said...

i want the pillow :)

Phillip Carter said...

I work at the Gamestop in Bassett. I will be promoting it at work! Hopefully I'll get one of the days off to head over.

Anonymous said...

i woul like all of them but i gess thats not possible so i will go for the pillow or the badge! have fun and it doesnt matter wat i win if i win ofcures but i would like to add more anime objects to my room since i dont have many of them and i already told all my friends and to people tahat was just passing by at my school here is my user name on face Kanon gomez.

Akia said...

Hey! You're post came up as anonymous. I'll need you to send an email to akia.rwg@gmail.com to tell me who you are so I know who to give a prize pack to if you win.