[Random Manga] Gamble Fish [chpt 1]

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Yo, reader//watcher [girl] readers! I decided to start another series for my blog called 'Random Manga' because not every manga that I read can be put in Manga Spotlight! The difference is that Random Manga is for when I decided to just try out a manga at the spur of the moment- this means that any series featured in Random Manga could eventually get featured in Manga Spotlight if I like it enough. While Manga Spotlight is not a review type series, Random Manga is. LOL. Hope I didn't confuse you to much. On to the content.

Artist: Kazutoshi
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Mystery, Psychological, School life, Shounen
Year started publication: 2007
Published in: Weekly Shounen Champion

[Akia's Thoughts]
Chpt 1 (67 pgs): Ok, so right off the bat we are introduced to a transfer student who by the looks of it transfered due to some preset thoughts about what he transfered to the school for- "It's full of suckers." Based on this I as the reader can assume he thinks he'll be able to easily accomplish something at this new school. We soon find out the school has a goal of "raising leaders who will make Japan a world leader in both literary and military arts." I'm not too thrilled with this series and I'm only a few pages in xD. The first reference to the title of Gamble Fish is found on page 17- "I'm worried about whether or not I can get the fish into my net properly." ... ok I will admit that it was interesting how the main character figured out where the coin was, but this is not really original and I feel like I've read manga like this before. AND THUS THE TITLE MAKES SENSE. /end chapter/

ok, so chapter one was interesting. I'll give the writer props for catching my attention enough to read 'til the end BUT I don't see this becoming a series I must read but I do plan on checking out a few more chapters.

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