What Akia Cares About[#2] [Western Comic anime adaptation teasers]

The Wolverine anime adaptation is currently being described as "different" in that it will be a lose rather than direct adaptation of the Western comics. This is very evident in the first teaser that has been released. Not only is the story more Japanese, Wolverine himself has long flowy hair. I couldn't help but laugh at this. The sane story (bout being aimed at a Japanese market) also applies to the Iron-Man adaptation. These teasers premiered at Comicon 2009.

Unlike the first two teasers, Planet Hulk (though being animated by Madhouse studios like the others) isn't really taking the 'anime look' approach because Marvel is aiming this adaptation at the American market. I wonder if this is a good move considering how popular the Gotham Knight (Batman anime adpatation) and Animatrix adaptations were....

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