[Life Post] An Akia Update [#20]

Today was very interesting in that it was oddly an eye-opener. There was nothing particularly different about my day; not even me paying for my own gas and carwash. I've bought my own gas a couple of times before now, so it's not like I can't pay to keep my tank full. BUT, I keep spending my money (which is only about $70-$100 for two weeks) on books and food... mainly because my mentality is "I can't afford to pay for college with this job anyways. How am I going to afford anything other than books and fast food anyways?" Yet... I end up thinking about how at EPCC classes are only about $250 a pop and I get to live at home 'till next summer only to realize I'm making excuses. Plus, minimum wage is going up a dollar very soon... and Best Buy is hiring. Haha.

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