[Life Post]An Akia Update[#21] Daily Blog for 7/29/2009

~The Cell Phone SCARE!~
Today I had decided that I would go job hunting and to check if my high school transcripts had been recieved at EPCC. The only place I really decided to check on for a job was a Best Buy by Eastwood High School that I had seen was hiring this past weekend, but when I got there the 'Now Hiring' sign that had been up was no longer there. This is the second time I've wanted to go check up on a now hiring sign at this particular Best Buy only to wait a few days too long to do so. Next time I see that sign (if I'm still in need of a job) I'm marching into that building and asking asap. ASAP!!
Well, after my hopes and dreams were shattered (ok, over reaction there) I went to EPCC Valley Verde only to find out my transcripts are in... which is a huge relief. My financial-aid eligibility depends on my having an official high school transcript on file. Now I can finish applying for financial-aid and register for school. COLLEGE.... I'm soooo scared >.>
After this, I went to Family Christian to buy my Activate Music Fest ticket (which was $27.... ugh).
After this I decided to go hang at Barnes and Nobles to buy something (which I vowed would be the last thing I ever buy untill I have money saved for college unless it's something I need such as gas). I almost bought an issue of the Twilight magazine that had a New Moon movie teaser poster. I then had the impulse to go to Hot Topic and FYE at the mall for the Jacob Black action figure (of course I didn't find one) but ended up buying the teaser poster for New Moon.
Before getting the poster, I had been texting someone about various things. At one point I had ended up hitting the bathroom only to notice my cell had gone missing. I'm not even kidding about this next part- I was on the verge of tears while tracing back my steps. Couldn't find my phone, so I decided to walk back to my car to see if it was in there. I was praying a very selfish prayer of "please let my cell be in that car." I didn'y say "...and if you do this for me, I'll do this" because for some reason I felt that would be worse than just asking for my phone to be there. When I got to my car, in the cup holder my cell is usually in sat my cell. Not kidding, not even half-kidding. I sat there for a minute, care door wide open and just could not wrap my head around that my cell really was there. Only God could do that.

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