Sgt. Frog dub ep1&2

"Yeah! I shall love your heart and keep it in the fridge." ~ep.2
"Cow flesh of love!!" ~ep.2
"I'm awsome too! I know because I ordered Paul to tell me!" ~ep.2
"Frog-tard." ~ep.2
"Why don't you know when to die!?" ~ep.2
"Gerogerogero...." ~ep.1
This is one of those anime that is just plain weird. Actually, this one is on the REALLY WEIRD level with shows such as Bobobobobo (ignore my lack of knowing how many "Bo"s there should be). Then again, weird shows like that do tend to have some funny moments... but I just can't seem to get into this show like I can others. Don't get me wrong, the manga (well, the three volumes I've read) had me rolling on the floor laughing my booty off but the anime version just isn't that funny even with the same jokes. It may be the gastly english dub, but I tried watching the japanese version and didn't find much more to like. Oh well. I can't like all the anime I attempt to watch :]

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