What Akia Cares About [#5] Welcome back 'D.N.Angel'

For those of you who are yet aware, Tokyopop has released the 12th volume of D.N.Angel almost 3 years after the 11th was published. Now, this long delay between releases was in no way Tokyopop's fault (even though most people have found Tokyopop's release schedule to be a little un-trustworthy). In fact, it was Sugisaki-san's fault. The manga had been in hiatus in Japan from 2005-Febuary 23, 2007. Sugisaki-san had taken a break from D.N.Angel in order to work on another series. The 12th volume was released by Tokyopop in Agust 2009. In Japan, the manga recently surpased 14 volumes. It is still an ongoing series :]
~Anime (and manga) News~
In case you didn't know, yesterday Tokyopop hosted an online meeting where they went over their manga release calander and answered questions from the viewers. It was a very neat meeting, and there is another one coming up. Be sure to sign up for Tokyopop's newsblast by registering for an account on their website. When you register, you'll be put on a mailing list for their manga magazine. After a small while, a new issue is being sent out soon, so sign up ASAP so you will definantly get that issue. I have a feeling it will be chock full of awsome. Also, it's all free. Everyone loves free stuff, ne?
Hana to Yume TV special: In order to celebrate 35 years of being a magazine, Hana to Yume is celebrating with a 2hr TV special "All Night Nippon: Shojo Manga Nite Hana to Yume Special." on September 5th 2009. [If you live in Japan, check it out. Haha.]
Tokyopop to publish 'Shiawase Kissa 3-chōme': In Hana to Yume's August 20th issue, Shiawase Kissa 3-chōme's last chapter is being published. Tokyopop is going to start publishing the takubons January 2010. It was one of the titles mentioned in the online meeting. Oh, it's being released as Happy Cafe.
'Haruhi Suzumiya's Endless Eight Arc' ending: The arc is ending this week. [I haven't been watching, so I'm not sure if this is good or happy news. Let me know, k?]
'Fate/Stay Night' film info: The movie is to cover the Unlimited Blade Works story from the Type-moon franchise. Opens January 23rd 2010 in several Japanese theatres. [I thought the anime was fairly good, so I'm pretty excited to see this movie.]
Anime trailers: The Story of the Blue-Eyed Girl (link); Half-Broken Music Box (link)

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