Interesting Videos [#1]

Decided to start a new blog series simply for mentioning about
videos that don't really fit into any of my other blog series. I hope
you enjoy this new series as much as I enjoy finding these videos :]

I was exploring Chrunchyroll's Pulse section today and came across these interesting gems:

This first video is composed of 21 deaf chinese women doing a dance based on a legend.

Hammertime, the Star Wars version. Pure awsome!

This is why Japanese people are weird. They're so expressive. And like silver eyelashes on Harry Potter stars. lllooollll and btw, I want to interview Rubert >:[ Lucky Japanese girl!!!!

i've found a song to play at an anime convention that will be oddly liked and accepted. *sigh* This is the kind of fandom I'm involved in!? No wonder I don't care what people think. Mwaha. ha?

0__0 'nuff said

Japan and their need to make mascots for EVERYTHING >.> including Windows.... *sigh*

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