What Akia Cares About [#4]- Yen+ is Awsome-fullll

If you have not been reading Yen+ (which is one of the very few manga/manwha magazines being released in the U.S.), you really are missing out on what I believe is a magazine that is truly publishing the best asian comics out there (sorry SJ, you're no longer the best in my eyes). The neat thing about Yen+ is that the magazine is publishing 4 kinds of comics- manga (such as Nabari no Ou, Soul Eater and Hero Tales), manwha (such as Jack Frost, Pig Bride and One Fine Day), a comic based on an american series of novels called Maximum Ride and original english manga such as Nightschool as well as one shots. The magazine is being released by Yen who will be releasing the Twilight manwha. The most recent issue (the August 2009 one) came with a Maximum Ride pin-up as well as these [m= manga, mw=mangwha, oel= original english manga]. This month, Nightschool's artist took a break:
Maximum Ride (mw)chpt.13
Pig Bride (mw) chpt.13
One Fine Day (mw) chpt.17
Time and Again (mw) chpt.7
Jack Frost (mw) chpt.13
Hero Tales (m) chpt.7
Pandora Hearts (m) chpt.3
Sumomomo,Momomo (m) chpt.12
Nabari no ou (m) chpt.13
Soul Eater (m) chpt.10
.plus a variety of articles.Bulleted List
~Some Anime (& other) News~
To clear something up, a lot of my news comes straight from ann but in my own words and opinion on the matter. If I'm using a different source, I do my best to post links to those sources so you can read the original material. Also, I only post on what Akia remotely cares about. Thus the title of this blog. Mwahaha.
Bessatsu Shonen Magazine: It's first issue release date is currently set for September 9th of this year. The magazine will 'premier' with 16 titles. These titles include Dōbutsu no Kuni (a manga by the artist behind Gash Bell that is set in a parellel world to Gash Bell), Sonna Mirai wa Uso de Aru (a supernatural fantasy manga by the artist behind such hit manga as Minami-ke and Kyo no Gononi), Joshiraku (the title is not official. a manga based on a story by the writter behind Zayonara Zetsubou Sensei; drawn by the artist behind ToraDora!). For more titles, visit [1].
4Kids for Sale: [1] According to ann, 4Kids putting itself up for sale is currently more of a rumor rather than an official happening. I for one don't really care because I'm way over the age aim that 4Kids has, and 4Kids has some of the worst anime dubs I've seen.
Ivy video [1] Fined: A korean music video was fined 400mil korean won for copying Square Enix's FFVII: Advent Children scene in the music video. HA!

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