Kurokami ep.1-4 [english]

You can watch the english dub of Kurokami here. It's legal!

I've decided to blog by the episode for Kurokami.... but today I ended up watching 4 episodes instead of just one of 'em so I've decided to blog about more than one episode if I happen to watch more than one in a day (or night. haha. i tend to watch anie at evening/night). I was planning on having screen shots but since I'm blogging about 4 instead of 1 or 2 episodes you'll just have to deal with no screen shots! *uses her exceed on anyone who is abou to whine* :)

[Ep.1~ Doppleliner System]

I'm going to rant a bit about this first episode because I'm comparing it to the manga version which is really different (but still about the same). If I wasn't comparing the two, I'd still enjoy this anime but probably a bit more than I did knowing how the first volume of the manga set up the story. Don't get me wrong, the same basic doppleganger concept is being used and many of the characters are still present. A major difference between the manga and anime is how Kuro makes the compact with Keita. In the manga, Keita loses and arm. To save his dying self, Kuro gives her arm to him and puts his now usless to a human arm on herself. In the anime, she ends up giving him her heart. Another major difference is the age of Keita and the point of life he's at- in the anime he is an 18 year old senior in high school where as in the manga he is a fairly preverted 20 year old with an aime to make the greatest adult game on earth. YET the anime sticks fairly close to occurances of events.


I'm too lazy to blog about each of these episodes, and I'm in a bit of a rush to finish this blog so I can watch some Eve no Jikan. Haha. There wasn't much that happened in each episode.... but I will blog about each one individualy when I do a comparison review of the manga to the anime. So look out for those. Hehe. But watch this anime. It uses an overused concept, but the animation and way of telling the story are fairly new. Ok, only bit.

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