[First Semester of College] Setting Some Goals [#1]

My first semester of college starts next week (on tuesday to be exact), so I'm both scared and excited. Today my sister and I discussed getting an apartment together next summer, so a year from today I just may be living outside of my parents house. Pretty exciting! This is my first goal, and it's one I've had for a while but not exactly the way it is now- to move out of my parents house by the end of summer vacation 2010 into an apartment with my sister who at the time will be beggining her first year of college. My next goal is to lose 25lbs before Christmas (which is soon after my first semester of college ends). This gives me about 3-4 months to accomplsh this goal. If I lose at least 3lbs a week I should meet this goal and even surpass it! At this point, I'll them buy clothes with the money my mom gave me today. My final goal is to put effort into learning Japanese so I'm semi-fluent by the end of my second year of college :]
[[I'll be keeping this college blog series updated in place of my 'Akia Life Posts' simply because it's roughly the same thing with a different name!!]]

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